Chris Wallace's True Identity Revealed

Chris Wallace has moved to a channel more congenial to his politics. His politics are, officially, unknown. At least that is what we’ve been told. He’s a journalist like Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Don Lemon. Just that facts. Right?

I don’t know if the move will result in more subjective commentary from Wallace or less. With him on CNN, he may annoy CNN loyalists more than he annoyed Fox News’ audience. CNN’s 12 loyalists expect their hard news journalists to pound on Trump daily even though he’s no longer president. That’s hard news.

They also expect fair dosing of wordplay like calling the January 6th riots, an “insurrection.”

I had to watch some clips to get up-to-date on Wallace. I don’t watch much TV, but he seems to really hate Trump and has trouble checking that hatred at the door although his hatred is softer than, say, Don Lemon’s spittle-laced rants. Trump’s been out of office for almost 11 months but even Wallace seems to have trouble quitting Trump.

No doubt, he’ll feel more at home at CNN. The Zuck will love on him because he’s sure CNN got another Trump hater. Good luck, Chris – your audience will drop to one-third of what it had been at Fox, but at CNN, they have bananas, and lemon(s).


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