CODE RED: "You Have My Word, as a Biden"

Two days ago, Biden tweeted a promise about taxes. It started with:

“I give you my word as a Biden.”

Joe offering his surname as his sword of fidelity is pretty rich. Joe’s fibs are legion. I’m not sure there is anything in his falling upwards life that he hasn’t lied about or inflated like a party balloon. From his lifeguarding days to inflating his education, to the ugly and verifiably false claim that his daughter and first wife were killed by a drunk driver. She was at fault and the other driver wasn’t drunk.

Joe’s brother Frank is part of the family grift circus. Frank was part of the Chinese deal with the “Big Guy” and has his own sideshow of profiting off the family name. Joe’s son Hunter is in the grifting hall of fame. Hunter has used the name Biden like a mugger uses a handgun. That last name Biden brought him millions. His wealth didn’t come from a marketable talent. He’s a family name grifter and he’s good at it. Hunter blew a lot of his cash on blow. When he wasn’t banging hookers and getting loaded, he was taking photos of his meth teeth and family jewels. He’s a first-ballot entry for the Hall of Fame of Grifters.

The family Biden is very good at making claims that aren’t exactly based on fact or reality. Jill got her doctorate because she wanted to be called “Dr. Biden.” Her Twitter account lists her as a government official. No, she’s not. It also says she is a “military mother.” No, you’re not, Jill. Even if Beau or Hunter were her children (they are not), she has no child or step-child on active duty and the last one was cashiered, summary told to leave the military.  It’s a minor grift, but still an undeserved “title,” like insisting on being called “Dr. Biden”.

Claiming you’re telling the truth because your last name is “Biden” doesn’t carry the cache you think it does, Joe.

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