CODE RED: The Manchurian Twins, Mark Milley and Tony Fauci

Plenty has been written and will be written about Fauci’s connection to the Wuhan Lab and his continuing denials of gain of function funding. Read Scott Hounsell’s excellent takedown of America’s own little Napoléon.


When Mark Milley wasn’t diving deep into “White Rage” and threatening Trump’s Chief of Staff, he was (apparently) aiding and abetting China. Milley promised to tip-off China if military action was coming. The fact the Trump is the only president since I was a teenager to not start a war is the richest of ironies. If Milley dereliction of duty is true, or even close to accurate (based on what we previously learned about Milley’s hatred of Trump and his active measures to circumvent the chain of civilian command) it seems likely that Milley actively stepped on the constitution and was willing to kneecap civilian command.  Why did he do it? Apparently, because he didn’t like the president. It’s an awful and scary precedent. If true, it’s an indefensible and a fireable offense. If true – it’s a crime that should land him in prison.


Americans have lost trust in scientists because lawn gnomes like Fauci can’t make up their minds and can’t decide what story they want to tell or sell.  Now the military is muddied by its top general willing to warn an enemy because he didn’t’ like his civilian boss?

Manchurian candidates are hidden. They act in secret. Fauci and Milley apparently did their collaboration subject to FOIA, and one spilled the beans to a journalist because he maybe thought he’d be cast as a Trump-slayer.


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