CODE RED: A President With a Head of Wood

“No one’s being killed right now”, President Biden told George Stephanopoulos, as he knocked on wood.

That was after a 14-year-old girl was crushed in a stampede of humanity at the Kabul airport and just days after people were plunging to earth from  C-17 landing gear. 13 Americans were killed by the Taliban enabling terrorists a week later.

Biden checked his watch while those 13 dead Americans were unloaded before him. Then in a disgusting display of hubris, played his dead son “Beau Card” when he spoke to relatives.

Biden called the Afghanistan debacle, an objectively disastrous foreign policy decision and easily the worst in this century, a success. The disaster, he created, was a Biden “win” because 100,000 (mostly un-vetted Afghans) stampeding to military transports. He’s an arsonist who sets a house on fire and later takes credit for saving a pet goldfish.

This week, he spoke to America in a rambling uneven, and mostly incoherent, angry speech – took credit for a “success” that was a disaster and blamed Trump when he wanted to shift blame.

Biden’s perfectly named Secretary of State, Blinken, looks like a deer in the headlights. Blinken forgot who he spoke to when referring to Afghanistan.

Biden, in a phone call with the Afghan president, asked him to lie.

The tumult of the Biden Afghanistan retreat has overshadowed his rudderless foreign policy, where flying the “pride flag” and being woke are considered important policy decisions. The G7 meeting, where he forgot what he said and what he did was another “win” for Biden.  He gave a note to a Russian thug pleading with Putin not to attack “these infrastructure things” — then we suffered attacks within weeks.

The British Parliament has condemned our president.

China has openly mocked us. Taliban paraded in Kabul, in military vehicles we left for them. The world mocks us. No one fears us.

We’ve gone from the Monroe Doctrine, Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick to The Biden Doctrine – Knock on Wood. We have a president that knocks on wood for foreign policy.

A president with a head made of wood.

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