CODE RED: Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden's Baghdad Bob

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, with American tanks were rolling through Baghdad, Saddam Hussein’s chief of propaganda was spewing nonsense about the Iraqi forces laying waste to the American army. He claimed that American soldiers were committing suicide “by the hundreds” outside of the gates of Baghdad – apparently, they were in awe of Iraqi defense better to die by suicide, than be taken by the jaunted Republican Guard. In one video clip, with American tanks literally in the background, he was assuring the world, American tanks would never enter Baghdad. It was all a lie.


Over the weekend we witnessed the fall of Saigon, Part II. Joe Biden issued an “All Is Well” statement while the Taliban were streaming into Kabul, and Afghanis were later hanging onto the landing gear of American C-17’s trying to escape the carnage.

Mike Miller roasted Nancy Pelosi for her absurd statement in defense of Joe Biden – claiming Biden statement, and his handling of Afghanistan has shown unparalleled leadership. If it wasn’t fecklessly absurd it might be funny. It was an exercise in stunning sycophancy. Her defense of Biden flew in the face of reality and makes a mockery of her office. Nancy Pelosi is awful. A political hack of the highest order and now she’s Minister of Propaganda, willing to ignore reality to further the man occupying the White House.

Nancy Pelosi is Joe Biden’s Baghdad Bob.


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