CODE RED: Biden Is Not A King, the CDC Is Not The Sheriff of Nottingham

Before Alexander Hamilton was an overhyped, overpriced musical, he was a man who wanted a monarchy. Hamilton lobbied before the constitutional convention of 1787 for a King. It was, of course, rejected because America had just fought a long war to rid itself of a monarch and Americans abhor a monarchy (See Prince Harry and Meghan).


The Pandemic has brought us the worst of government in the form of government seizing unconstitutional authority for the “good” of all. Governors did it, and courts declared their acts unconstitutional. The feds did it too. Unfortunately, Justice Kavanagh recently declined to do his job, instead, thought himself a monarch. He decided to play King Solomon, split the baby, and killed the constitution in the process. He admitted the CDC has no constitutional authority to do what it was doing, but then declined to follow the constitution and ceded authority to Biden and Biden’s bureaucrats. He acted like a cop who watches a robbery, and does nothing but wag a finger at the thief.

Joe Biden was elected president. He wasn’t appointed, as Hamilton wanted, as a monarch. The CDC is acting as his Sheriff of Nottingham issuing clearly unconstitutional edicts that have not a hint of lawful authority. CDC bureaucrats have no authority to club citizens with criminal penalties for wanting to control their own property.

This morning Biden channeled our last president who would-be-king when he donned Obama’s tan suit to deliver his speech. Biden lacks the rhetorical skill of a 12-year-old, let alone Obama but he bubbled through his speech on the economy, taking credit where he deserves none and criticizing those who are unvaccinated as the cause of the latest surge of Delta variant.


King Biden’s speechwriter left on the cutting room floor the fact that illegals are flooding the southern border and thousands are Covid positive. They are being released untreated, still infected into the interior, never to be seen again.

The president is not a king.

The CDC is not the Sheriff of Nottingham regardless of what its collection of self-aggrandizing federal bureaucrats might think.


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