CODE RED: Biden's Bad Bureaucrats

Spike Stone-Manning

I don’t want to scare you. Well, actually I do. Federal employees who can instantly ruin your life aren’t politicians, they’re bureaucrats. Before 2020, the general public knew nothing of Anthony Fauci. If shown a photo of Fauci, people would more likely identify him as the lawn gnome they bought at Home Depot, rather than the highest-paid federal employee. Since January 2020? — the man who changed his mind more often than he changed his underwear. But enough has been written about America’s ubiquitous virologist.


I want to talk about BLM. No, not that BLM, THE BLM – the Bureau of Land Management and the person who might be running it soon. BLM can and does ruin people just on a whim — at least take property. BLM can see a pond on your private property and a protected “wetland.” On Monday, you can have useable land. By Tuesday, BLM has effectively taken it.

Joe Biden has nominated Tracy Stone-Manning to head that agency. Stone-Manning is an eco-terrorist. If you consider that hyperbolic, consider that in the 1980s, Stone-Manning was a member of eco-terrorist group “Earth First!”.  Earth First! is a loose bag of nuts who consider humans, a virus infecting mother earth. Members call it a “movement” not a group. It has torched buildings, destroyed equipment, and spiked trees. In the ’80s, and while Stone-Manning was a member, it tried to stop logging by spiking trees. Spiking could result in destroying equipment and killing or injuring loggers. Spikers rarely notified anyone, leaving the spikes to be “found” like a soldier’s foot might find a landmine. After Earth First! spiked dozens of trees, Stone-Manning kind of got cold feet. She found an old typewriter, used a pseudonym, and wrote a letter warning loggers not to log Idaho trees.


She wrote in part:

The project required that 11 of us spend nine days in God-awful weather conditions, spiking trees. We unloaded a total of 500 pounds of spikes measuring eight to 10 inches in length. The sails were marked so that no workers would be injured so that you assholes will know that they are spiked. The majority of trees were spiked within the first 10 feet but many others were spiked as high as 150 feet.

In her submitted pre-nomination paperwork, she claimed to have no knowledge of the tree-spiking event and that she was never the subject of a criminal investigation. Both are false statements.

Note the language in Stone-Manning’s letter. She used the plural “us.” Although she later claimed she wasn’t part of the spiking crew, she clearly was. She included herself as part of the 11 terrorists on “the project.” Stone-Manning, later tipped off that she was about to be indicted, flipped on her eco-terrorist brethren. I guess not all eco-terrorists are willing to do prison time for Momma Earth. She ratted out her fellow terrorists, received immunity, and testified against them.

Democrats are defending her because “that was 30 years ago!”.  Seriously, that’s the argument.  These are the same senators who are trying, again, to burn down Justice Kavanagh and are now demanding his impeachment for a 30-year-old, clearly fictional, completely absurd accusation brought by Blasey-Ford.


The last person with the last name of Stone who lied to Congress was Roger Stone. He was arrested at gun-point, and convicted of lying to Congress. Stone-Manning won’t be perp-walked out of her home. She’ll walk, arm and arm with senators, as the current nominee to head BLM.  The Senate should spike this nomination.


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