Yet Another Race Baiting Fraud Exposed by Police Body Cam Footage?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve got problems with dishonest politicians and their phony narratives taking precedence over truth, It’s not just politicians who are guilty of this though. The media, activists, and the willfully ignorant all share culpability for the dishonesty.


Take the Reverend Jerrod Moultrie who is the president of the Timmonsville, South Carolina chapter of the NAACP for example. Streiff reported earlier about how body cam footage exposed pseudo-black person Shaun King as a liar in reporting that a woman had been raped and held hostage by a police officer. Moultrie got exposed in exactly the same way.

Apparently the “Reverend” skipped over that part of the Bible that says “though shalt not bear false witness” because that is literally what he did with regard to a police officer stopping him for a minor traffic violation. Moultrie spun a yarn on Facebook presumably with the intent of activating people in his effort to build up his NAACP chapter. The problem is that his story wasn’t true.

Moultrie’s post said, “Tonight, I was racially profiled by Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Moultrie recounted his conversation with the officer in the post.

He said the officer asked him if there were any drugs inside his car.

Moultrie said in that post the officer told him, “I am doing you a favor tonight not taking you to jail or writing you a ticket.”


Kudos to Timothy Waters for not just taking Moultrie’s word. Waters looked at the body cam footage and was crushed by Moultire’s dishonesty.

Florence community activist Timothy Waters said when he saw Moultrie’s Facebook post, it made him very upset that a black person could be racially profiled for driving a nice car in a nice neighborhood.

Waters said he went to the Timmonsville Police Department to take a look at a copy of the officer’s dash and body cam video.

He added when he saw the video, he became even more upset, but not at the officer, rather at Moultrie.

Waters said the body cam video totally contradicts what Moultrie posted on Facebook.

He said the officer was very pleasant and kind to Moultrie during the entire four-minute traffic stop.

“Once I got a copy of that body cam, it’s as if he made the whole story up. And I felt like he set us back 100 years, because think about all of the racial profiling cases (that) are true,” said Waters.

How many times have we heard about acts of bigotry toward one group or another only to find out later that it was a hoax? Waters is exactly right. Fake accusations hurt the cause of equality rather than help it.


The NAACP says that they are still investigating the case, making the point that racial profiling may still have been the motivation for the traffic stop even if the officer didn’t say or do any of the things Moultrie claimed in his fraudulent social media post. They say that Moultrie claims the body cam footage is from a second officer who arrived at the initial traffic stop.

I don’t deny that people get pulled over for “driving while black.” Riding with a black co-worker once in rural Wyoming I’m pretty sure I saw it happen first hand. However, I’ve also been pulled over myself for some piddly reasons so I know every trivial traffic stop isn’t racially motivated.

Either way, problems aren’t ever going to be solved by people who think lying in support of their cause is justified.



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