New Poll Shows Trump Still Loved by His Base but Losing Badly to Generic Dem in 2020

A new poll released by Politico/Morning Consult shows that Trump voters mostly have no regrets and would vote for Trump again. That’s not surprising, but the poll shows Trump doing poorly with registered voters as a whole. According to the results, President Trump is losing badly to a Generic Democrat and the GOP is more divided than the Democrats.

If they could redo their 2016 vote, 82% of Trump voters would vote for their candidate again.  However, when asked about 2020 and Trump vs a generic Democrat, only 76% of Trump voters choose Trump again.

Compare that with Clinton voters: Ninety percent would vote for the Democrat, and only 3 percent would vote for Trump. Roughly twice as many Trump voters (16 percent) are undecided about whom they would support in 2020 as Clinton voters (7 percent), suggesting Trump’s support is softer than it appears on the surface.

Similarly, 84 percent of Democratic voters would choose the Democratic candidate, but just 74 percent of GOP voters would back Trump, the poll shows. Nine percent of Democrats are undecided, compared with 17 percent of Republicans.

Among independents, 40 percent would pick the Democrat, and 30 percent would vote for Trump, with another 30 percent undecided. An identical 40 percent of independents strongly disapprove of Trump’s job performance, a cohort of voters that Trump will likely struggle to bring into the fold.

The numbers look really bad for Trump among all voters.

Overall, among all voters, a generic, unnamed Democrat leads Trump, 46 percent to 36 percent, with 18 percent undecided.

Much of the post-election day spin has been focused on how Donald Trump figures in Republican Ed Gillespie’s defeat in the Virginia gubernatorial election.  Trump and his MAGA red cappers would mostly have you believe that Gillespie’s loss is a direct result of not wholeheartedly embracing Trumpism. Others suggest the evil #NeverTrump cabal deliberately swung the election for the Democrat. Both of those are little more than personal preference pretending to be analysis, but Trump is definitely a factor.

The reason is more simple and less conspiratorial than a lot of pundits would have you believe.  The fact is that many people all across the spectrum from moderate Republican to rock-ribbed conservative find him objectionable for many different reasons. This has candidates and campaigns scrambling to find the least self-destructive way to relate themselves to Trump. So far no one has really found the right formula and in anything other than solid Republican strongholds, Trump is likely going to be a net liability.

Polls are always to be taken with a grain of salt but if the Democrats 2020 nominee is someone outside the sphere of the primary rigging and DNC corruption and if their candidate isn’t the current focus of multiple FBI criminal investigations, Republicans should probably be worried. These days, none of that is a given though.



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