Hillary Clinton's Shameful Politicization of Vegas Shooting is Completely Unhinged

Hillary Clinton always finds a way to display her horrible-ness as a human being and gutter crawling politician. We don’t even know the death toll of the mass shooting in Vegas and she’s already standing atop the bodies to spit political venom on people who had nothing to do with this morning’s murder spree.


Not only is the passenger of her sleazy husband’s coattails attacking the uninvolved, she’s displaying complete ignorance about the topic she’s demagoguing. She clearly believes that “silencers” render guns silent.

Shameful doesn’t come close to covering what’s wrong with this woman. She’s actually shameless. She is incapable of feeling shame. If she was capable of feeling shame, she wouldn’t express her bat guano thoughts in a public forum.

Putting politics aside means identifying political enemies and blaming them for something they didn’t do.

Saul Alinsky would be priapic.

Hillary needs to shut up and go away.


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