Peak Stupidity: Fake News InfoWars Reveling in Fake News CNN's Downfall

Goofball conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is offering 20 grand for the best anti-CNN meme because people who follow Alex Jones and Infowars are really upset that someone would push bogus stories as news.


Let that sink in.

(Note: I’m deliberately not linking directly to this nonsense.)

I don’t know what bothers me more about this—that running a loony conspiracy website is so lucrative that Jones has enough disposable cash to blow $20,000 on a poorly made GIF; or that InfoWars, Alex Jones, and his avid followers think they have the high ground on the “fake news” issue.

The only real difference between CNN and Infowars is that they’re each considered reliable by a different set of deluded numbskulls.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for capitalism. If Jones can make a buck on this, more power to him. He’s the one who has to live with himself—quite literally in fact, since his insanity whether real or just an act, lost him custody of his children.

It just astounds me that people are so caught up in the Trump vs CNN “meme wars” that they don’t recognize the irony in celebrating the implosion of CNN alongside someone who spews nonsensical chemtrail conspiracies, and 9/11 trutherism. Jones helped push the crazy pizzagate conspiracy, which nearly got people killed and he claims that the school shooting at Sandy Hook was a hoax.


In a Facebook video where he pimps his meme contest, Jones talks as if the number of memes generated is a meaningful metric of political success. “MOAR MEMES = #WINNING” or something.

How is this man and his idiotic show a rallying point for the Trump faithful celebrating a defeat for fake news? Is InfoWars really their alternative to CNN? Or maybe its Gateway Pundit? How many people are jettisoning CNN and choosing cartoonish and fake self parody as the alternative?




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