Melania and Ivanka Wear No Headscarf in Saudi but Trump Slammed Michelle Obama For Not Wearing One

At this point we shouldn’t be surprised when Trump contradicts himself. Actually it’s getting to be pretty old hat. In his much ballyhooed boondoggle to Saudi Arabia, Melania showed up in the Islamic totalitarian country without a headscarf. (Good for her, by the way.) I wonder if the President scolded her for insulting their hosts though. That’s what he did when Michelle Obama opted out of wearing a head covering when she traveled there. (Good for Michelle too.)


The First Lady and First Daughter were both dressed modestly when they alighted at King Khalid International Airport but neither wore a headscarf, as Saudi women are required to do by law.

Mr Trump said in 2015 that Mrs Obama had “insulted” Saudi Arabia by not covering her head when she and President Barack Obama visited the Muslim country.

“Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted.We have enuf enemies,” Mr Trump said on Twitter in January 2015.

Six months later he announced he was running for president.


Was his comment an indication of how he really felt or was he simply taking the anti-Obama position in order to appeal to his potential voters. Maybe this was another one of those times where his opinion reversed practically overnight. That seems common with people with no core values.



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