Donald Trump Jr Trolls Chick-Fil-A-Phobes and Gets Swarmed by Flock of Idiots.

I’ve been using Twitter for about 8 years and my opinion about the platform is a net positive, but it sure does have a way of revealing the stupidity in American politics. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted  a response to a Daily Caller story and  got inundated with non sequiturs from some brain dead leftists.


Obviously, people getting emotional about a restaurant franchise because its late founders beliefs about marriage is ridiculous. I can sympathize with Trump Jr’s urge to mock people about this,  It seems unprofessional for the President’s son to be behaving like a troll on social media. That sort of thing is better left to his father.

Dude, that’s like totally uncool.

Anti-gun dingbat and Twitter blocking champion of 2016 Shannon Watts had to respond with an utterly unrelated complaint.


That’s relevant to whether people should be emotionally traumatized by the proximity of a particular brand of fast food. I guess it is if you’re  the sort of idiot who puts this in your Twitter bio:

Don’t put me on a list without permission – I will block you.

Perpetrators of some of the more annoying web properties joined the food fight.

See, there’s no positive outcome to any of this, just a spiral of  flagrant pleas for attention and failed attempts at delivering a zinger.

Some of the Trump Jr. tweets make me wonder what would have happened if Billy Carter had had Twitter when his brother Jimmy was in the White House.




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