Trump Pal Roger Stone to Testify on Whether He Defamed Opponent with Sex Offender Accusations

Donald Trump has a lot of really classy friends. His former adviser Roger Stone is headed to court to defend himself against a lawsuit filed by Warren Redlich, a former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in New York. Stone, along with two others, is being sued for his role in smearing Redlich as a “sick twisted pervert” who “defends sex with children.”


Stone, the self-anointed “dirty trickster” behind Trump’s rise, ran the Manhattan madam Kirstin Davis’ failed 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Let that sink in. Stone was running a gubernatorial campaign for an actual whore when the alleged smear job took place.

He told an Albany newspaper that he urged a group called “People for a Safer New York” to send a controversial flier calling Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich a “predator.”

The mailer, which printed Redlich’s photo and home address, directed readers to call the police if they saw him.

“This man, Warren Redlich,…defends sex with children,” it reads. The mailer also calls him a “sick twisted pervert.”

The flyer provides a link to a blog post Redlich wrote about sexually active teens where he notes that Juliet in the Shakespearean tragedy was just 13. It was sent to 150,000 homes including to Redlich’s mother.

One of his former neighbors actually called the cops on Redlich, 51, a semi-retired attorney.

Redlich is suing for millions but Stone is acting confident as confidence men do.

“I don’t think it’s really a question that calling someone a sex predator is defamatory,” said Redlich, who’s seeking a multimillion-dollar jury award.

Stone insists he wasn’t behind the creation of the mailer, but told the Albany Times-Union, “I urged them to do this,” in an October 2010 article.

Stone told The Post the case should have been tossed before trial. He called Redlich, “a sour loser and crackpot.”

“His case is both without merit and a fraud upon the court. This will be proven shortly,” Stone said.

Two more Trump supporters are defendants in the case– another 2010 gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, and the conservative talk radio host Michael Caputo, who ran his campaign.


If there’s any truth to that old saying, show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are, things just keep looking worse for President Trump’s character.


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