Trump Taps GOP Comms Director Sean Spicer for Press Secretary

Anti-establishment outsider and self proclaimed swamp drainer Donald Trump has tapped swamp dweller Sean Spicer to be his Press Secretary.

Spicer, 45, has spent six years as RNC communications director and 15 years in communications for Republicans in Washington. He has well-established relationships with the Washington press corps and is a familiar face on both cable news and the D.C. social circuit.

For Washington reporters who fear Trump’s treatment of the press, Spicer’s appointment may be seen as a positive sign.

While Spicer can be combative with critics and, like Trump, is known for unleashing his Twitter account on reporters and news organizations, he is also a veteran of the Washington press relations game and likely to provide an open line of communication into Trump’s White House.


Spicer is currently the GOP’s Communications Director and was a loyal Trump surrogate throughout the 2016 campaign. He has already demonstrated his willingness to bend the truth or outright lie for Trump.

This puts to bed speculation that radio talk show host and Trump cheerleader Laura Ingraham might be offered the Press Secretary gig.


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