Sad! Eric Trump Gets Duped by Protester And Photo Goes Viral

Like his father, Eric Trump loves hispanics…especially their taco bowls and stuff. He doesn’t understand basic Spanish though. And apparently neither did anyone else at the North Carolina rally for Donald Trump.


“No one at the rally realized my shirt said AGAINST tr*mp,” a giddy Annie Cardelle, 23, tweeted along with the photo.

“Congrats, y’all played yourselves.”

Cardelle and her sister Ceci, 17, waded into enemy territory at the Friday night rally in Salisbury to protest Trump’s hate-filled language.

None of the 200 Trump cheerleaders packed into Thelma’s Down Home Country Cooking seemed to notice the not-so-subtly dressed demonstrator in their midst.

To be fair, I suppose it’s possible that after James O’Keefe’s latest videos, some of them noticed but chose not to create a scene.

I can tell you, either way, the Cardelle sisters made a yuge splash on Twitter with their photos. Believe me. They made the Gordon Gecko coiffed Trump spawn look like a total loser. There are very stupid people in the Trump family. Sad!



The blurry photo makes the pomade encrusted Trump look even more serial-killerish somehow. His wife is so metal though.

A Trump supporter attempted to counter with Hillary getting trolled, because obviously that would make Eric Trump look smarter.

This is funny, but it’s clearly a Photoshop job. I mean, who has an “I’m with stupid” polo shirt? And the text is way lumpier than the woman on which it was superimposed.

But in case it is real…



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