Saira Rao, The Most Miserable Person in the World

An amusing element of the strife fomented by, and fermented within, the Obamapocalyptic worldview where everything filters through a race-laced kaleidoscope, and every person with lighter skin pigmentation automatically receives assignment to a societal Sheol because of the darkness assumed to reside in his or her heart, is the motley crew living in perpetual outrage.


This is as opposed to Mötley Crüe, presently living in the perpetual rage of Mick Mars and the other three members slagging each other in the media. But I digress.

A member of the race-ranting motley crew is Saira Rao. Rao, a middle-aged woman of Indian descent, really, really, REALLY hates whytppl, as she goes off on and about with alarming frequency on her Twitter feed that at times rivals the Babylon Bee for pure comedic value. The difference is she’s serious about her puerile ranting. In 2022 Rao co-authored a book titled — I kid you not — “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How To Do Better.”

Its publisher is Penguin Books, owned by English company Pearson PLC, run by a bunch of … oh dear. Whole lotta honky in that boardroom, including no less than four of those evil white women. It conjures visions of Rage Against the Machine (remember them?) releasing album after phlegm and spittle-laced album railing against the evils of global corporations … on a record label owned by Sony.

Back to Ms. Rao. According to her author’s bio, she is a woman who is “a lawyer-by-training, a former congressional candidate, a published novelist and an entrepreneur.” I believe that translates into graduating from law school, getting whupped at the polls, and little else about which to brag. Somewhere along the line, Rao became convinced that white people are the root of all evil, as opposed to the love of money, from which she profoundly suffers. How nice to live in a world where one can earn a comfortable living from screeching at the choir while demanding a generous donation from the congregation of The First Church of Virtue Signaling Stupids.


Rao’s current rant came courtesy of Twitter on June 24:

White people:

For the love of Gwyneth Paltrow, PLEASE stop approaching Black and brown people at the grocery store assuming we work there.

It is racist and exhausting.

You literally can’t see us anything but in service to you.

And we are NOT.


I work in retail. Not the highest occupation on the societal totem pole, but it pays the bills. I’ve also worked in the corporate world. Many a tale deserving telling regarding those days, but that is for another time.

I work in an outdoor mall. To my employer’s left is a Target, and to the right is a grocery store. There is also a Petsmart in the complex, a location suffering from the harsh and arbitrary divisions between dog and cat owners. The parakeets and fish living there are doubtless relieved that Fluffy must be in a carrier when visiting the store, Fido having no such restrictions. Talk about discrimination. But again, I digress.

Anyway, for well-known reasons, I avoid Target. I do shop at the grocery store. Where I work is a diverse area. White, black, brown, AAPI, Indian, you name it. As long as you can afford to live there, you’re there as it’s a nice place to live, even if it is in California.


I’ve never — as in never — seen anyone automatically assume a minority is a store worker. See, store workers more often than not wear some kind of uniform so as to be readily identifiable. I do. I still get asked at the grocery store for help because people see a uniform shirt, even if it’s the wrong color for the store, and especially a name badge hanging from a lanyard, thereby assuming I must work there. Sometimes for sheer giggles and grins, I’ll respond, “Well, I work next door, but let’s go find what you’re looking for anyway.” It’s called having fun, something which Ms. Rao has apparently suffered utter deprivation from during her sojourn on this dusty orb.

The Saira Raos of this world are indeed the most miserable people in the world. They are racial vampires feasting on the blood of guilt-ridden people either unwilling or unable to grasp Martin Luther King Jr.’s truth that it is not the color of skin, but the content of character, that distinguishes or self-denigrates a person. It is also nice work if you can get it, the outwardly self-loathing progressive white elite privately laughing itself silly while it counts the money made off of such baseless baiters. Either end of the spectrum gets the bag.

People of the functioning brain brigade should throw the garbage they peddle in the appropriate bag, but as long as the present upper tier runs the show, we will continue to endure a bombardment of racist nonsense. Best to laugh at it and make the ranters even more ranty.




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