It's Table-Flipping Time

The latest Cephas Hour looks at social media through the eyes of faith, talks about overlooking the good people, and yes, flipping tables. You can listen to the show on-demand at




The online world can be dreadful, filled with pseudo-anonymous cheap shots and vapid posturing-filled pseudo-philosophizing. It can be a place of great beauty, old friends reconnecting, and newly made friends bonding.

The online world is also a fragile place. People come and go without notice. Sometimes it is no fault of their own, as different social media platforms promote and demote whichever user or whatever algorithm deems to be of interest to you. While there are ways around this, it is rather aggravating to constantly update your account settings while muttering that yes, I want to see this person’s posts or tweets, or else I wouldn’t be friends with or follow them.

Still, sometimes it’s not a mindless machine that hides someone from view. When you notice a post from someone you haven’t seen online for a while, only to learn the reason why is because they’ve been grieving their teenage son who died from a fentanyl overdose, griping about social media platforms and their automated shortcomings immediately becomes the last thing on your mind.

Life is even more fragile than the online world. We must remember this, not with frantic paranoia and frenzied action minus thought and substance, but with educated urgency. We who believe are commanded to evangelize, thereby embodying the love for others God evidenced for us by sending His Son to die on the cross in our place so we may have eternal fellowship with Him once our race on this dusty orb ends. As Peter told us: 


Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Whether we are the young lions, mature ones gathering in fall, or making our way through winter, we need to reclaim our birthright in Christ. We alone are the true lions, following the Lion of Judah. Let’s live like it.



Hey there. Do you know that guy? Sure you do. We all know that guy. You know — the nice guy.

Great guy, the nice guy. The nice guy is always there when you need him. Someone to lend an ear, maybe a shoulder to cry on? The nice guy is there for you — every time.

But … well, you know. He’s just the nice guy. Nothing exciting. Nothing special. Good guy, sure. Great guy. But he’s … well, he’s the nice guy. That’s all.

You don’t hang out with the nice guy: don’t go out for drinks or include him with the gang when you go out for dinner — none of that. I mean, let’s face it. The nice guy isn’t all that exciting. He’s probably got plans anyway or something to do — no need to ask him to participate.

Wait … what’s that? A date? Are you kidding? No way! The nice guy doesn’t set off sparks. No sizzle. Oh, he’s suitable for comfort when the boyfriend goes wrong. But to be the boyfriend? Are you crazy? He’s just the nice guy. No way could he be Mr. Right. Just no way. Besides, what if you did date him and things went wrong? Who would you turn to? No, you can’t risk it. It would be best if you kept him at arm’s length.


The nice guy will understand when you explain it to him. You’re sure he’ll meet some nice girl someday that’s more his speed. It’s nothing personal. It’s nothing against him. But … well, he doesn’t fit into your world like that. He could make some girl happy. He’s the nice guy. But it’s not you. No, it never could be you.

Still, sometimes you wonder about the nice guy. Every once in a while, the smile seems a little forced, the eyes a bit distant. And he is alone a lot.

Well, he probably prefers it that way. He’s fine. Of course, the nice guy is okay. Isn’t he always the first with the quip, the first one there for you when you need someone? He’s fine. We all have our off days. He’s fine where he is. He must get his happiness from helping others. He must be okay. He’s the nice guy.

Although come to think of it, you don’t see him much anymore …



As I record this episode on March 30th, 2023, the nation is still reeling from the latest satanic school shooting. Earlier this week, a deeply disturbed young woman, one so far gone in her madness she thought by simply saying so she could somehow magically be transformed into a he, went into a Christian school in Nashville and murdered six people, including three children who were nine years old.


So who does the Biden Administration sympathize with?

The transgender community.

I am reminded of the meme, “If anyone ever asks you, ‘What would Jesus do?,’ remind them that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibility.” Frankly, we, who are Christians, have had enough of the progressive lies and libel against us.

This is why we fight against the bleating soulless ghouls. It is good against evil. We are God’s voice for good in this world. And we cannot let evil win. Ever.

I’m down for some table-flipping. How about you?



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