Never Let Them Steal Your Joy

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I’ve long been fond of the saying, “When the house is on fire, the first priority shouldn’t be arguing over who struck the match.” This goes a long way toward explaining why I have yet to make it very far in politics, my present position at this website notwithstanding. Should a situation arise requiring attention, give it the necessary attention. Even as there is seldom time to do something right yet always time to do it over, there is invariably time afterward to analyze how things went wrong. Fix it first.


This is especially true when it comes to people, be it yourself or someone else. The broken heart does not need a lecture on actions and consequences. A man or woman duped and dumped has, in most all cases save where they have been sufficiently gaslit by their former, a firm grasp on what went down. They’ve learned the lesson. They need friends providing comfort and love, friends who they, in turn, will comfort and love when things go sour in their lives.

These things are never more true than during the holidays when the amplified silence of voices no longer present screams even louder than we do during the 950th time today we’re being subjected to Wham or Mariah Carey. Oftentimes the silence is the loved one who’s moved on from this life to eternity, hopefully with Christ. However, there are times when the absent one or ones are quite alive and dwelling on this planet, the separation being one of love at best unreturned and usually openly rejected.

Fellowship is vital in such seasons. We are called to simultaneously carry our cross and carry one another’s burdens. Christians make terrible lone wolves. Broken hearts need some time alone, but they also need time with others to be reminded they are never alone. Our hearts need reassurance that love, when offered, is not always rebuffed.

We who are believers know Jesus loves us. Still, there are times in most believer’s lives when we wonder if He stepped out for a smoke break when, in anguish, we’re angrily crying out to Him and the only discernible answer is the still, small voice saying, “Leave a number and We’ll get back to you.” In our head, we’re aware this isn’t the case. But, when your heart is hurting, theologically accurate logic does not always rule the roost.


Hopefully, prayerfully, the broken heart will find solace in the Savior. There are no quick fixes, no robots available to provide companionship when what once was is no more. There is also no room for platitudes or use for the relationship edition of what James called out regarding feeding the poor, in which one wishes the lonely well before they dash off to their own little lives built on little happy nests of husbands and wives. It’s not that the relationship-rooted are incapable of helping the lonely dancer, but genuine sensitivity is mandatory.

Remember, happiness is joy’s flighty cousin, prone to appearing and disappearing at a moment’s notice. The world will try to steal your joy, be it through the forcible reminders throughout this season that you’re supposed to be tripping the light fantastic when in reality you can’t so much as get the tree lights untangled, or through the insinuation that if your life isn’t an in-person Hallmark Christmas movie, there is something seriously wrong with you. As David wrote, weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Celebrate Christ’s birth without apology or compromise. Give and take comfort in one another. We have the honor of helping each other. Seize the opportunity.

I put together this week’s Cephas Hour with the above in mind, selecting songs that speak to heart and soul. You can listen at the link below. Also, please note the artist’s names each contain a link to their website or page. Please, if the songs bless you, actively thank the artists by buying a download or CD. Thanks.

Deborah’s Song  Rachel Wilhelm
In Christ Alone  Rosalie
King Of Hearts  Randy Stonehill
Restore My Soul  The Choir
Strong Hand Of Love  Mark Heard
I Always Do  Phil Keaggy
 The Rock That Doesn’t Roll  Larry Norman
As The World Turns  Daniel Amos
So Wonderful  Undercover
Forever Now A Crown  Shelly Moore
To The Ones  Bringing Home
A Little Light Left  Out Of The Grey
When You Walk  Kerry Livgren


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