The God-Shaped Hole in Politicians' Hearts

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The October 2022 near-nuclear meltdown of Los Angeles politics and politicos, aside from the car crash-level entertainment it provides, offers a valuable reinforcement of Lord Acton’s maxim that power corrupts while absolute power corrupts absolutely. The popularly professed theorem by our liberal friends is that only whites are capable of racism, excluding the white liberals saying this. Alas for them, the recently revealed reality is that when it comes to bigotry and thirst for political/financial power, all hues of the dermis derby are eager participants in Satan’s mud pit game, rubbing the faces of threats to their desired status in it while insisting it is actually a beneficial facial.


It should come as no surprise that different groups are more than willing to say and do whatever is deemed necessary, including expressing biases that, were they to come from a white person, would result in an immediate drawn and quartering session, to reach higher positions on the victimhood totem pole. The more “oppressed” one claims to be, the freer one is from any semblance of moral responsibility for his or her actions. And should one deduce how best to make bank from the situation, so much the better for them. Never underestimate the ability of others to accept those who claim to be on their side, fighting The Man who bears sole responsibility for their wretched state, living high off the hog, emulating The Man in every way possible. Why? A combination of vicariously living through them and buying into the lie that the person isn’t, in fact, The Man because he or she is “one of us.” No, no, they are not one of you. Skin pigmentation does not implement automatic fellowship.

There’s a video clip of the late and dearly missed Norm MacDonald being interviewed by Larry King, in the course thereof telling King a most uncomfortable truth:

We often and justifiably accuse various politicians of having a hole in their respective heads. However, that’s not their most severe problem. Instead, it’s the God-shaped hole in their hearts, leaving them simultaneously without a moral compass and utterly unaware of their inability to govern responsibly and effectively.


Embracing #1 on God’s Top Seven Things He Detests hit parade, namely pride, is many a politician’s nemesis and ultimate downfall. The office-holder who believes they have an absolute right to rule over and dictate life’s terms to others has no concept that their earthly time is measured. They reject embracing truth, specifically the one proclaiming how people playing God sooner or later — usually sooner — reveal their utter ineptitude at the job. They are the political equivalent of Steve Taylor’s boastful businessman sneering, “They say you can’t take it with you? We’ll see about that, won’t we!”

Those with a God-shaped hole in their heart see things in terms of race and gender. The ones who know Christ know and act upon Paul’s words that “(i)n this new life, it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbaric, uncivilized, slave, or free. Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us.” Christianity has no room for racism or racial pride.

So, as we watch the sad spectacle of non-apologies and fighting over newly opened city council positions with which to graft and grab as much taxpayer money as possible, we who understand life begins at the Cross should approach such foolishness not with glee, but regret over those wasting their lives and our money. Christ died for these people even as He died for us, and it grieves Him to see them openly demonstrate how they are throwing their lives away in pursuit of transitory material gain. The God-shaped holes in politicians’ hearts lead them to ruin even as they endanger our freedoms and well-being. Our response should be both prayers that they will answer Jesus knocking on their heart’s door and, should they refuse to do so, speak as the archangel Michael did to the devil himself: “The Lord rebuke you!”



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