Hump Day Cartoon: Democrats and Racism Go Together — Like Ham and Cheese

Like so many Democrats in power, Nury Martinez got caught with her racism showing. Guaranteed — had there been no recording of (ex) LA City Council President Nury Martinez, and Council members Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, her ugly side would only be known to a select few. And by that, I mean everyone in her orbit. Guaranteed — people in her circle have heard racist comments flowing from her lips before, and from the mouths of  Herrera, Cedillo and de León. This isn’t a one-off. They just got caught.


The audio leaked, and the first thing I saw on Twitter was outrage — not at the racism but rather at the recording. “That’s illegal! You can’t record people in California without their consent!!”

I kid you not. That’s the fallback reaction of Democrat sycophants because, for them, it isn’t the racism; it’s getting caught that’s the offense.

My RedState buddy Bob Hoge covered this story in depth. So did my friend Jennifer Oliver O’Connell.

Martinez has resigned from her position as president of the council, taking a leave of absence from the group. She and her colleagues need to resign from politics.

Are Martinez, Herrera, Cedillo, and de León unique in Democrat politics? Hardly. Joe Biden has a history of racism, and because he’s “ol Joe” to Democrats, he got a 40-year pass. His party has a solid history of racism.

This isn’t the “everything is racism,” phony trope that you see every day. I mean actual racism. The racism of low expectations and demanding allegiance of Blacks to the Democrat party–and when they don’t, Democrats launch into expected, ugly insults, and racist taunts. By example: because Clarence Thomas doesn’t stay on the Democrat “planation,” he’s called an Uncle Tom.The irony.


Martinez isn’t unique. She just got caught with her racism showing. She’s not resigning from the council. Not yet.  She has many more years of backroom racism to practice, apparently.

To turn a phrase: she can’t resign, since “some of her best insults are black.”


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