Liberalism’s Diseased Self-Destruction Dance

Some months ago, yours truly stepped out from behind the sports desk located somewhere below decks of the Good Pirate Ship RedState and penned this.

At its core, the Ghost Dance was an exercise in extreme wishful thinking, a falsely-placed belief in ceremony and ritual somehow bringing about a supernatural transformation of both the earth and history. It professed that if unrelated, and as it turned out utterly irrelevant, actions and words were performed regarding the bitter truth on hand, a magic utopian state of being would come forth. It didn’t work. It could never work. No such scenario will ever work.

So why is the Biden Administration performing its own Ghost Dance?


Regrettably, the dance continues at a St. Vitus pace for the nation and the world. It is not reserved solely for the Biden Administration. The madness has infected most all liberals save perhaps Kyrsten Sinema. While her core philosophies are unmistakably leftist, Sinema retains functioning sanity threads such as realizing eliminating the filibuster does not equal guaranteeing voting rights that aren’t being threatened in the first place.

The modern St. Vitus dance permeates multiple levels. It causes nominally intelligent people to state the economy is going great guns when it is anything but. It recommends kickboxing classes to alleviate the growing mental health crisis over futile COVID lockdowns mandated by wannabe feudal overlords. It reacts to murders by criminally insane or simply evil-drenched homeless by complaining about people calling someone an “offensive” name. It blames private companies for publicly committed crimes. The grotesque inanity dance shuts its eyes to reality, utterly convinced it alone has the answers to all that ails humanity while shutting out all facts declaring none of its proposed solutions work. It is Theranos LARPing as Thanos, destined for the same fitting end while equally determined to destroy everyone and everything else unsubscribed to its satanic utopian delusion.

The great man Ronald Reagan once quipped, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Liberalism specializes in pseudoknowledge. It screams, “Trust the science,” yet refuses to remember the science can’t tell the same story twice. It preaches the gospel of masks that don’t work and vaccines that don’t appear to work no matter how many times one does the jab jump ‘n jive. It extols its virtuous nature of helping people, while reality shows the only help provided is helping itself to taxpayer dollars. The homeless and junkies are left to rot in their own waste, while politicos shout they need even more money to waste.


We are now on the cusp of seeing this failure play out on an international scale, complete with live ammunition being purposefully thrown back and forth. A Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminentChina attacking Taiwan is now a matter of when, not if. Our emasculated PC-obsessed military is in no position to assist our allies. NATO is a clown show. As a song once said, we are all like foolish puppets who, desiring to be kings, now lie pitifully crippled after cutting our own strings. But hey, no more mean tweets, right NeverTrumpets?

Liberalism must be counteracted, not with cultural withdrawal but rather educated engagement. The apostle Paul once commented that it was no trouble for him to write the same things to a church via epistle, and it was a safeguard to the church. Act, don’t react. Read HayekHazlitt, and Adam Smith. Familiarize yourself with the Federalist Papers. Ignore soundbytes and dig into substance. Throw out the hot takes; work your way into and through the source. Find those whose body of work proves them to be a source you can trust to analyze correctly. Interact with people outside your political sphere. Again referencing the apostle Paul, let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

Contemporary liberalism is fiercely determined to destroy all in its path, all the while proclaiming itself to be the savior. It’s not. There is only one Savior. Respond, and live, accordingly.



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