Gavin Newsom Sticks Foot in Mouth Sideways During L.A. Railroad Theft Site Photo Op

We previously reported on the stunning images and videos captured by CBS News-Los Angeles photojournalist John Schreiber that showed “thousands” of “looted packages as far as the eye can see” at a Union Pacific railroad location in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles.


For those who missed it, here are two of the numerous videos he shared:

Obviously, this has been an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time in L.A. County, exploding over the last year to the tune of a 160% increase in crime including “assaults and armed robberies of UP employees.” While it would be easy to put the blame solely on the Union Pacific police unit that patrols this area, an even bigger problem is that the people who are arrested with the help of city, county, and state law enforcement resources are often “fined and released” back out onto the streets within a 24-hour time frame courtesy of the soft-on-crime office of D.A. George Gascon.

Because this story made national headlines and further exposed city and state “leaders” as incompetent and, in Gascon’s case, crime-friendly, and also because Union Pacific threatened to make changes to their operating plans that would effectively take them out of L.A. County, Gov. Gavin Newsom has conveniently swooped in, pretending to care and joining in on clean-up efforts in the area in an attempt to make it look like he’s Doing Something™.


But during an interview Newsom gave during a Thursday photo-op at the site, the man otherwise known as “Governor Hair Gel” opened his mouth and promptly stuck his foot into it sideways, first correctly describing what has been taking place at the railroad stop as “gang” related before apologizing for using the word “gangs” and switching to the more sanitized version: “organized groups of folks.”

Watch Newsom’s train wreck of a statement while standing in the middle of the railroad theft site below:

Keep in mind that Newsom is playing word games so as not to offend his “woke” colleagues at a time when Democrat mayors across the state are temporarily suspending their commitments to defunding the police and criminal-friendly “reforms” like eliminating cash bail because crime is running rampant in those areas, including violent smash and grabs which in some cases have led to assaults and murders.

What some of our intellectual betters on the left including Newsom are apparently still having trouble figuring out is that going “woke” when it comes to crime has already had very serious consequences for our society, which we’re continuing to see play out daily in Democrat-run cities across the United States.

Swiftly releasing criminals back out onto the streets (as Gascon does) and not calling things for what they are (as Newsom does), for instance, “looting” to describe actual looting (which apparently we’re not supposed to do because it’s “racist” or something) and “gang-related” for the same reasons is contributing in a big way to a dangerous climate that inspires repeat offenders to do what they do.


But Newsom is the definition of a career politician who is in it for himself and nobody else. He’s been a failure in public office on so many things, including homelessness, which he’s claimed to be a champion of over the years with nothing to show for it but a dramatic increase in homeless encampments with people on the streets and the rampant drug and crime problems that go along with it.

Along with that has come the fleeing of residents from the state because as it turns out people don’t like living where their taxes keep getting raised so “leaders” like Newsom get to attend lavish parties and fundraisers while ordering the common folks to stay home ostensibly in order to keep their community safe from COVID. Nor do they like being told that some crimes aren’t worth prosecuting.

Conservatives sometimes “joke” about giving up on California, saying its residents “get what they deserve,” but there are millions in the state who don’t vote for this garbage but who love their state nevertheless – and no, they don’t deserve it.

Conservatives/Republicans shouldn’t give up on a single state in this country, including the bluest of the blue, because every one of them is worth fighting for and because sometimes miracles in these places can and do happen, but only once the people are given enough information on what’s going on in terms of what “leaders” are and are not doing in order to decide whether they’ve had enough.


One day, and hopefully sooner rather than later, Californians are going to say “enough is enough” to people like Gascon and Newsom and are going to revolt at the ballot box to prove it. I pray for that, and for those in the state including some of my colleagues here who are fighting the good fight in California every day.

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