If a Homeless Person Murders You in Los Angeles, It’s All Your Fault

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

In Los Angeles last Thursday, 24-year-old Brianna Kupfer was found stabbed to death inside Croft House, a custom furniture store where she worked. The attack is believed to be a random assault carried out by a homeless man. Kupfer was a UCLA architectural design graduate student.


Earlier the same day, in an unconnected incident, Los Angeles ER nurse Sandra Shells was critically injured when assaulted by a homeless man in an unprovoked attack, while she was waiting at a bus stop. She passed away yesterday from her injuries.

In response to these murders, Los Angeles politico David Graham-Caso offered a stunningly tone-deaf and victim-blaming observation.

Anti-homeless language resembles fascistic rhetoric because they are both rooted in hierarchy and elitism and because they both advocate for authoritarianism.

Don’t complain about being called a fascist. Stop acting like one instead.

Gee, you’d think people had called a Muslim a terrorist or something.

After being unsurprisingly called out, he shifted into passive-aggressive persecuted mode.

One can be quite confident Brianna Kupfer and Sandra Shells’ families are sympathetic to Graham-Caso’s plight.

Graham-Caso is the deputy chief of staff and communications director for Los Angeles city councilman Mike Bonin. Bonin, who has held office since 2003, is considered a progressive, even by metropolitan California standards. His official website boldly proclaims his devotion to helping the homeless, although based on results, apparently his goal is keeping them that way.


Mike is taking aggressive and comprehensive action to address our homelessness crisis. He is building and identifying housing, launching programs, fighting for quicker, less expensive solutions — and forcing the bureaucracy to respond more urgently to the humanitarian crisis of our time.

One might point out that nine years in office with nothing to show for it thoroughly qualifies Bonin as part of the bureaucracy. But I digress.

Last year, Bonin managed to tick off pretty much everyone with his proposal to confiscate public parking at Venice Beach and build mini houses there — in response to one of Southern California’s prime tourist locations now being avoided like the plague due to homeless encampments. It is a familiar tack among progressives to view the middle class as nothing more than readymade fund providers for social engineering projects, this being a prime example of same.

Meanwhile, Bonin and Graham-Caso’s big talk regarding homelessness is nothing more than sound and fury, tales told by an idiot signifying nothing. Nothing is done, and they have none of their own pasty, pallid, pampered skin in the game.

Graham-Caso is symptomatic of all hat and no cattle liberalism. Instead of direct personal action, it pursues bleeding taxpayers ever drier with nothing to show for the money spent somewhere on something, primarily lining pockets (legally or otherwise) for the self-ordained overlords, elected or otherwise. Rather than funding food banks and charity organizations, whose members are willing to do the dirty work, and rather than aggressively combat the twin demons of mental illness and drug addiction plaguing the homeless, it mollycoddles and over-generalizes them as “persecuted victims of the system” one and all.


Nothing is ever the cartoon character liberal’s fault. Any pointing out of the truth regarding their failed policies and utter waste of public funds, and they go full Nathan Thurm. Two grieving families are preparing to bury a loved one, and David Graham-Caso is complaining about people saying mean things regardless the homeless while doing nothing about the problem. Sadly, it’s not astonishing.



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