Joe Rogan and Axl Rose Demonstrate How Politics Is Truly Downstream From Culture

Joe Rogan and Axl Rose Demonstrate How Politics Is Truly Downstream From Culture
Nousha Salimi

When looking for words of wisdom, generally speaking, one most likely looks elsewhere than a comedian/MMA color commentator and a decidedly erratic hard rock singer. However, in these two instances, it is precisely a comedian/MMA color commentator and a decidedly erratic, hard rock singer proclaiming truth.

We start with a blast from the past, namely thirteen years ago when Guns N’ Roses, at that time down to one original member in the form of singer Axl Rose, released Chinese Democracy. It had been fifteen years since the band had last released an album of original material, so by this measure, we should expect a new GN’R album in 2023. But I digress.

At the time of its release, Chinese Democracy was banned in — guess where? — China. Apparently the powers that be there were none too keen on Mr. Rose’s lyrical observations, as shown in the video below:

While we can’t list the entire lyric here due to copyright restrictions, a sample should provide sufficient material:

You think you got it all locked up inside
And if you beat ’em enough, they’ll die
It’s like a walk in the park from a cell
Now you’re keeping your own kind in hell
When your Great Wall rocks, blame yourself
While their arms reach out for your help
And you’re out of time

Now, compare this with the Biden administration’s approach to Chinese aggression on multiple fronts, including COVID and Taiwan. Does anyone genuinely believe this administration would do anything other than fold like wet cardboard in the face of Chinese military action against Taiwan, should it come to that? Or genuinely press for reparations from China for unleashing COVID on the world? Get. Real.

Next, we look at Joe Rogan’s words regarding freedom in America, set to a stunning video by Samuel Rivera Films: (Warning: video below contains coarse language)

In a word, wow. The rapid-fire visuals mesh perfectly with Rogan’s comments about how no politician, even in America where our Constitution specifically states those powers not directly assigned to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people, once ceded control over any aspect of public life will not willingly return said control to the people unless directly forced to do so by the people via voting them, or the ones who nominated them to an unelected position, out of power. Think Nancy Pelosi is aware of this fact, and/or if so, she cares in any fashion?

It is sad but true that we see more perceptiveness and knowledge from Axl Rose and Joe Rogan than in 99.44% of Washington. I’m not sure I’d want either of them in public office, but in at least these instances, they stand as voices of reason. Right now, we need all of these we can get.

Editor’s note: the saying “Politics is downstream from culture” originated with the late Andrew Breitbart.

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