"Lower Culture With Becca Lower" Podcast, Special Guest Lee Stranahan

Join Becca Lower and her special guest, co-host of “The Backstory” on Radio Sputnik, independent investigative journalist, conservative, and, above all, creative, Lee Stranahan, on the new episode of the “Lower Culture With Becca Lower” podcast!

Lee gives readers the scoop on how he began working at Breitbart News with the late, happy warrior Andrew Breitbart, after building a reputation on the Left as a Republican-bashing comedy writer at a place like The Huffington Post; He talks about his time as a graphics designer at “Access Hollywood” in Burbank, California, where he rubbed elbows with both Billy Bush (yes, that Billy Bush!) and a certain “Tonight Show” host who collects cars that Becca wrote about recently.

Our guest also delves into the knotty question of why more conservatives and libertarians don’t get involved in the arts, including his passion, filmmaking, and more! Take a listen — and let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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