VIDEO: Muslim Leaders Chant 'Allahu Akbar' at pro-Israel Protesters With Bullhorn Used in Kessler Attack

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As we reported, Loay Alnaji was arrested early Thursday morning on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Paul Kessler, a Jewish man who was peacefully counterprotesting across from a pro-Hamas rally in California on November 5. Alnaji allegedly struck Kessler in the face with a bullhorn after confronting him, and the force caused Kessler to fall backward and hit his head on the pavement. The blunt force trauma of the fall caused Kessler's death, according to the Ventura County Chief Medical Examiner.


But did Alnaji act alone? As far as the literal physical assault on Kessler there's no indication that anyone else was involved; however, in RedState's examination of videos and photos from that day and interviews with witnesses who were present on either October 29 or November 5 (or both), it appears that Alnaji and a handful of male associates led the protests and handled on-site communications and security. RedState has identified two of those associates: Imam Shaykh Omar Jubran of the Islamic Society of Simi Valley, and Mamdouh Elalami, the Islamic Society's "Man of the Year" and a Simi Valley Realtor. According to information reviewed by RedState, Jubran is also the father of Simi Valley Unified School District Trustee Kareem Jubran.

Shaykh Omar Jubran, Imam of the Islamic Society of Simi Valley, as seen during a youth conference and at the Thousand Oaks pro-Hamas rally on November 5, 2023.In the videos RedState has exclusively published since the attack, Elalami is shown shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "Yassin 105, boom!" referring to a Hamas-created antitank missile; Jubran is alongside Elalami and has his phone up in the face of a pro-Israel demonstrator. All of this was done either while Kessler was on the ground, bleeding from the head and the mouth, floating in and out of consciousness.

Mamdouh Elalami, shown at the November 5, 2023 pro-Hamas rally in Thousand Oaks, CA and receiving the "Man of the Year" award from the Islamic Society of Simi Valley.


After Kessler died on Monday, November 6, videos and photos taken that day were posted to social media. None of them showed Alnaji with the bullhorn until RedState published an exclusive photo on Wednesday, November 8. In this photo, Alnaji is shown crossing the street to where Paul Kessler was, megaphone in hand.

Working together with a source who was at the scene, we've created a video showing the timeline just prior to the attack and the actions of Alnaji's associates in the moments after the attack. The bullhorn, the weapon used in the deadly attack, was not recovered by the VCSO at the scene; our investigation shows that it was contaminated as it was used by the other men leading the pro-Hamas rally to spout threats and vile antisemitism.

The video starts with the last photo of Kessler before the attack, then shows the footage of Alnaji crossing the street to confront Kessler just one minute before the attack occurred. Then, Elalami is calling the Jewish protesters "pussies" and saying that "All Israel will burn in will see in your grave.... We are not afraid to die. All of Israel is afraid to die... all of your soldiers are cowards," and "Yassim 105, right now in Gaza, boom!"


Jubran was in the Jewish protester's face asking him if he liked killing babies, and recording him.

In this video, from around 2:30 to 4:00, Elalami is doing the "Allahu Akbar" chants.

As shown in the video compilation and these photos, Elalami was presented with the Man of the Year award at the Islamic Society of Simi Valley's youth conference, which was presided over by Jubran.

The same place Alnaji spends his time.

Elalami and Alnaji share another connection - while the first searches for Elalami show he's a Realtor (and he is) he is also an IT professional, according to his LinkedIn profile.

RedState's investigation into the connections between the leaders of the rally, the Moorpark College Muslim Student Association, and the Islamic Center of Simi Valley isn't yet complete. The information yielded continues to be shared with law enforcement.



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