Is Soros Done With Gascon? Lefty Jeff Chemerinsky, Son of Berkeley Law Dean, Enters DA Race

During a radio appearance last week I was asked about LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer and the odds that she keeps her job if she tries another mask mandate. I told the host that even if we get rid of Ferrer, we have to be on the lookout for her replacement because the lefties might try to replace her with someone just as radical (or more) but who actually can connect with the public.


With that in mind, the latest entrant in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's race is a younger, better-looking, and more accomplished version of George Gascon, and while he's just as much of a "justice reform" zealot (if not more), he knows how to message to voters.

Jeff Chemerinsky's candidacy is also very interesting because his father, Berkeley Law School dean Erwin Chemerinsky, has been very close with Gascon over the years. The elder Chemerinsky partnered with Gascon to develop many of his insane policies, wrote op-eds defending Gascon as Los Angeles descended into its current lawless, violent state, and filed an amicus brief supporting Gascon when he was sued by the union representing LA County Deputy District Attorneys. He is also a part of Gascon's "FACCT" team, which reviews use-of-force incidents to try to pin blame on law enforcement officers.

Unlike Gascon, Jeff Chemerinsky has actually tried a case. From a press release announcing his candidacy:

An experienced federal prosecutor, Jeff Chemerinsky is running for LA County District Attorney to make our communities safer, reform our criminal justice system, and bring new leadership to the D.A.’s office.

Chemerinsky served as Chief of the Violent and Organized Crime section of the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, until he stepped down on Friday to become a candidate for DA.

He has never lost a case, and personally prosecuted cases involving murder, sex trafficking, firearms trafficking, corruption, and sex assault offenses. He won convictions of more than 30 members of the MS-13 gang, including the leader of MS-13 in Los Angeles, and the leader of the East Coast Crips. He also led federal robbery prosecutions for the office, partnering with local law enforcement agencies to win convictions in many major organized retail theft cases.

As part of his commitment to upholding justice, Chemerinsky strongly believes in criminal justice reform because mass incarceration does not work.

In addition to his trial experience, Chemerinsky brings significant management experience overseeing a large team of attorneys and staff for the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, which is the largest federal judicial district in the nation, serving 19 million people living in Los Angeles and six other Southern California counties.


Obviously Chemerinsky would not enter the race if the Soros Progressive Prosecutor establishment was still happy with Gascon, the man who had the initial idea for the program and got Soros to fund it back in 2013, as RedState uncovered in 2020. They know that he will lose next year (there are already at least seven other candidates in the race, most of them Democrats but many of whom actually believe in enforcing the law), and they don't want to cede their hard-won territory. It's rumored that the prominent endorsers in the state will soon be throwing their support behind Chemerinsky, and then it's going to be really interesting to watch Gascon's reaction. Historically (going back decades) he's been extremely retaliatory when he feels betrayed (which he absolutely will) or when he feels he's been passed over, especially in favor of a white man.


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