A Beaming Tucker Carlson Breaks His Silence and Reminds Us All of What's Important in Life

Tucker Carlson at TPUSA (Credit: Bob Hoge)

If the smile on Tucker Carlson’s face is any indication, he is going to be just fine after his sudden departure from Fox News.  Carlson was spotted by Daily Mail Tuesday evening near his home in southwest Florida, riding in a golf cart with Susan, his wife of 30 years. The two were headed to dinner when he briefly spoke to the outlet.


‘Retirement is going great so far,’ chuckled Carlson, 53, as he emerged from his $5.5 million beach home in Boca Grande, Florida on Tuesday night.

‘I haven’t eaten dinner with my wife on a weeknight in seven years.’

Pressed on his future, the flame-throwing former host of Tucker Carlson Tonight flashed a broad smile and joked: ‘Appetizers plus entree.’

Earlier in the day Justin Wells, who was the executive producer of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was spotted arriving at the home. Wells is also out at Fox.

Rumors abound as to why Carlson was abruptly fired – it’s been reported that he was informed just 10 minutes before Fox News host Harris Faulkner read the announcement to the world – but neither side has confirmed what happened. Carlson and his legal team were in the midst of negotiating a new contract with Fox when he was fired, and Carlson has reportedly added high-powered entertainment attorney Bryan Freedman to his existing team as negotiations now focus on Carlson’s exit package. Anonymously-sourced hit pieces in Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, and more could make those negotiations more expensive and difficult for Fox Corp.

Susan Carlson briefly spoke to Daily Mail reporters Tuesday afternoon while walking her dogs on the beach and shot down one rumor as to why the separation occurred:


She poured cold water on Twitter rumors that her husband was already poised to give a tell-all interview, telling DailyMail.com: ‘No, these are private discussions, it’s nothing like that.’

In recent appearances Tucker’s shared a more spiritual side with audiences. At Turning Point USA’s AmFest in December 2022 he talked about dealing with setbacks in life, including being fired.

Carlson shared that when he’s dealing with a setback he takes time to reflect on the events and even “marinate in [his] shame” because he knew that “out of that would come enlightenment.”

Here’s what I concluded – a couple of things. This was a fantastic reminder that we can’t really predict events really well as people, actually. There is a limit to our insight about the future, to our predictive powers.

We are not God, so we do not know what the future holds, actually.

We control the moment we’re living in now, and that’s it, and barely even that. We have less power than we think. We can’t even cure male pattern baldness, okay, or add a single hair to the top of our heads, in other words.

So, to tell ourselves that we’ve got it all figured out and we know what’s gonna happen we are lying to ourselves, and when we say it out loud we’re lying to others and misleading them. So we should start with the knowledge of our own limitations. We are limited. And that is the beginning of wisdom, right there. That’s the beginning of wisdom.


Just after what ended up being his last show at Fox, Carlson spoke at a Heritage Foundation event in Washington DC about the courage it takes to tell the truth in world full of lies, and has been outspoken about the propaganda on both sides of the media aisle.

In his AmFest speech, Carlson discussed how his faith leads him to be in a “good mood” despite all of the bad things going on in the world and regardless of personal challenges or setbacks.

So why am I still in a good mood? I’ll start with this… I’m still in a good mood for two reasons. One, I think it’s my moral duty to give [sic] an obligation to be cheerful. I think it’s a small thing. Yeah, I mean…

But I think it’s your obligation. Like you’re not here that long. And moping….sometimes terrible things happen, a loved one dies, you get fired—in my case several times. You have an absolute right to wallow in it for a bit, but just for a bit. It’s immoral to lie in your own emotional filth and roll around in it… it’s immoral.

You have no right to do that.

In that speech he also shared that one piece of advice he gives his children is that the number one quality they should look for in a potential spouse is cheerfulness.


It’s clear that he found that cheerful spouse, and that the two of them are focused on the important things in life. That’s a reminder we can all use these days.



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