What Are the Odds? Burned Fetterman Sign Was on Farm of DNC Speaker

Fetterman for Senate sign burning in Volant, PA, October 29, 2022. CREDIT: John Fetterman, Twitter

Saturday morning Senate candidate John Fetterman tweeted a photo of one of his campaign signs that had been set ablaze, characterizing it as “violence and intimidation in politics” and that his campaign “is about bringing people together and rejecting hate + extremism.”


Of course, Fetterman followed that up with a plea for money.

The woman who took the photo, Jane Switzer, is a self-described Fetterman donor who lives next door to the farm where this took place. She shared four photos to her Facebook page: one of the sign mid-burn (which is the one Fetterman shared widely on Saturday), one with firetrucks in the distance, and two of the scene the next day.

Photos from Jane Switzer’s Facebook account of a burning Fetterman sign.

The post reads:

Welcome to Trump’s America. Fetterman/Shapiro sign currently burning in my next door neighbor’s field (at 1:30 am). 2 fire trucks, state police, a dozen emergency responders are here to put the fire out in the field. People have lost their f#$*ing minds. (In Volant, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh.)


But that wasn’t what it read originally. Obviously, Switzer went back to edit the post to add additional photos, but she also added the photo location. The edit history details the updates.

A few things were immediately curious. How does one happen to snap a close-up photo of the sign mid-burn, in which it’s burned almost exactly to the point where the burning stopped (as evidenced in the next day’s photo), at 1:30 a.m., and how was the sign not completely engulfed by the time two firetrucks arrived to a rural area? How is it that only a few blades of grass were singed? How is it that the fire department put the fire out at the same time in the burn that Switzer’s photo was snapped – and if they were busy putting the fire out, how was Switzer ALSO there?

If the verbiage with Switzer’s post didn’t give it away, she’s a Fetterman supporter and a hyper-partisan.

In a comment under the photos she said she’s “again” donating to Fetterman and Shapiro. However, a check of FEC records shows only a $5 donation to ActBlue in 2021 from Ms. Switzer, who lists her profession as “unemployed.”

Switzer’s neighbor, farmer Rick Telesz, is also quite partisan. He spoke at the DNC in 2020 and appeared in a Biden ad declaring that he made a mistake by voting for Donald Trump in 2016 but was going to correct that in 2020.


Switzer retweeted the ad, and commented, “Rick is my neighbor. So proud and grateful for this!”

Then, on Election Day 2020, Jill Biden swung by the Telesz farm for a small rally between appearances in Erie and Pittsburgh. A barn cat interrupted that rally, and Jill Biden later adopted the cat, who’s now named Willow and resides at the White House. Telesz also ran for Congress in 2022, but lost in the Democrat primary.

Switzer’s original Facebook post has now been deleted, but the original photos are included below.

RedState has requested any Pennsylvania State Police reports or records about this incident, and also requested call records from the Volant Volunteer Fire Department.


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