Whether You Like It or Not, You're Now a Part of The Resistance

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One big difference between conservatives and leftists is that, for the most part, conservatives want the smallest amount of contact with government possible as they go about their lives. Conservatives want the freedom to start a business and run it without dealing with crushing regulations and bureaucracy, the freedom to effectively educate their children rather than indoctrinate them, the ability to enjoy the fruits of their own labor… basically, to have government action limited to protecting the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


On the other hand, progressive leftists want the government involved in every single aspect of our lives and are willing to spend every waking moment working to achieve that goal. Instead of volunteering and being a part of community organizations, progressives spend their time protesting and agitating for the government to be in charge of everything. And when they’re not protesting and agitating, they’re scouring social media to see which of their neighbors is possibly engaging in wrongthink and trying to make their lives miserable.

Since conservatives are so generally focused on things like raising a family, building a business or a career, and being a part of community organizations, they rarely have time to become involved in political activism or even the local school board. As a result, leftists have turned schools into indoctrination centers, and now, with control of both houses of Congress and the White House, have the ability to rule tyrannically over all of us, as they displayed to the world on Monday when the politicized FBI raided the home of a former president over “documents.”

So now it’s up to you, and to all of us. While all we want is for our government to leave us alone and carry out its narrow, Constitutionally-defined duties, we don’t have the option of sitting on the sidelines. This battle has been brought to you, and whether you like it or not, you’re now “The Resistance.” I wish I could laugh about it and make a Star Wars reference, but this is too serious for that.


Leftists have already shown us that they do not stop, they do not rest, and they do not sleep. They are continually moving to the next objective. That objective now is the one thing they still do not control — the judiciary. Make no mistake, the next goal is court packing and complete destruction of every last ounce of liberty you enjoy.

We all have a place, a task, in The Resistance. For me, and for those of us at RedState, it is to continue to bring you the truth about what’s happening in this country and publish some of the country’s most impactful investigative journalism. (Did you know that thanks to Team RedState’s exclusive stories exposing corruption, LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer was forced to back down from renewed mask mandates?) 

While our work is extremely impactful and important, it is costly, and every day we’re targeted by Big Tech companies that are trying to take us down by throttling our content, preventing truly independent journalism from reaching the people who need to see it most.

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