BLM Rioters in Brooklyn Center Demand, "Get the White People to the Front"

AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

For the third night in a row, Black Lives Matter rioters have descended upon Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where a group of them are gathered outside the police station and are apparently planning to overrun the building. An unlawful assembly has been declared, but at the time of this writing, police are having a difficult time enforcing the curfew and dispersing the crowd. (Perhaps their Mayor, who doesn’t think that police need to have a gun with them during every traffic stop and has sympathized with the rioters, should be helping disperse the crowd? Just a thought.)


Independent journalist Andy Ngo reports that members of Antifa are also in the crowd.

Ngo also reported that an Antifa Twitter account posted a message Tuesday encouraging looting and rioting, telling participants that they’re “doing the right thing.”

As the group of non-peaceful protesters prepares to storm the Brooklyn Center police station, a woman yells to, “Get the white people in the front, bro! White people in the front!”


Then she changes her verbiage slightly, saying, “White allies in the front! White allies in the front!” Over and over she screams for the white allies to get to the front. Ngo says the purpose is for the white people to be used as human shields, and that may very well be true. Shameful.



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