Ted Cruz Is Right - Conservatives Need to Provide an Alternative to "Shrill, Angry" Leftists

In his rousing speech regarding cancel culture (which our Scott Hounsell covered), Sen. Ted Cruz had two pieces of advice for conservatives — to fight for liberty and to have fun.


Have fun? What? How does that fit here? This is supposed to be a seeeerious conference! We’ve got Golden Trumps to worship and devious plots to work on. No one has time to have fun! (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

But, Cruz is correct. Conservatives are widely viewed as judgmental, scoldy, angry people who want to outlaw fun — and some are. In reality, though, liberals are overwhelmingly judgmental, scoldy, and angry — and they’re experts at letting us all know about it.

Cruz said:

Have fun. You know, so many on the right, they act like they’ve got a stick inserted somewhere it doesn’t belong. Just lighten up. Especially now, the left, they are shrill, they are angry. “How many leftists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” “That’s not funny!”

Like, God bless, who would want to be around these people? You know, Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t tell comedy anymore because any joke that’s funny is canceled. You know, SNL is unwatchable…they stand up and say, “We hate Donald Trump.” Yeah, no kidding. We didn’t get that the last 9,000 times you said it.


Cruz is absolutely right about the leftists. I was talking with a friend just before this morning’s session started and we were wondering what else the leftists want in order to be happy. They basically got everything they wanted in the election. They even impeached Donald Trump again. But nothing will make them happy, it seems.

We’re all weary after going through a year of unnecessary lockdowns. We’ve all sustained major losses in our lives, either personally or financially (or both) due to the response to the pandemic. We need to have fun now more than ever, and people who aren’t blinded by Trump hate are more likely to listen to what we have to say if we look like we’re having fun, if we are able to laugh at ourselves, and if we’re able to make them laugh. There’s a lot about life to be unhappy about in 2021, but there are also a lot of reasons to smile.


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