Vice President Pence Gives a Master Class in Statesmanship As Senate Reconvenes

Vice President Pence Gives a Master Class in Statesmanship As Senate Reconvenes

Vice President Mike Pence addresses Congress, January 6, 2021. CREDIT: Senate TV


At the end of a long, violent, and heartbreaking day in our nation’s capital, the Senate reconvened to continue its work to count Electoral College votes. Vice President Mike Pence opened the session with a brief statement, and his words were exactly what a grieving nation needed to hear.

Pence said:

The Vice President, as President of the Senate, would like to give a brief statement, with the indulgence of the Senators.

Today was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol, but thanks to the swift efforts of US Capitol Police, federal, state, and local law enforcement, the violence was quelled. The Capitol is secured, and the People’s work continues.

We condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. We grieve the loss of life in these hallowed halls as well as the injuries suffered by those who defended our Capitol today, and we will always be grateful for men and women who stayed at their posts to defend this historic place.

To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins, and this is still the People’s house.

And as we reconvene in this chamber, the world will again witness the resilience and strength of our democracy. For even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this Capitol, the elected representatives of the People of the United States have assembled again on the very same day, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

So may God bless the lost, the injured, and the heroes forged on this day. May God bless all who serve here, and those who protect this place, and may God bless the United States of America. Let’s get back to work.

As Pence concluded, he received a standing ovation from the Senate.

Pence’s Press Secretary, Devin O’Malley, tweeted that Pence had never left the Capitol and that he’d returned to the Senate to “finish the People’s business.

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