Woman Shot Inside the Capitol Dies, Is Identified; Pelosi to Continue Electoral Count Tonight

AP Photo/John Minchillo

As we reported earlier, a woman involved in the breaching of the capitol building was shot in the Capitol building, with some reports indicating that she was shot in the neck by law enforcement, but the facts are not yet clear.


Here’s video of that incident (warning graphic)

It’s not clear what actually led to the shooting, she doesn’t appear to have been doing anything, apart from being in the building.

Now unfortunately, it’s being reported that the woman has died.

Law enforcement are going to need to answer what happened here, if they shot her. Because she was unarmed allegedly and it doesn’t appear she was doing much besides standing there. So it’s not clear what was the threat that required a response with deadly force. But again as with any police incident, we need to wait for the information to come in as to the full explanation as to what went down. But break in the building? Arrest, tase, pepper spray. Police never fired live ammo at violent Antifa and BLM in any encounter over the past several months that I recall.


Her name is reportedly Ashli Babbitt was a 14 year Air Force veteran, served four tours, was a high level security officer.

Unfortunately now in addition to people being hurt and this woman dying, they completely changed for the negative any attention that people maybe would have paid to the election concerns. Now some of the politicians are not going to object according to reports, because the left is trying to link the legitimate objections to the actions of the rioters.

Reportedly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to continue the count tonight so we’ll have to see if people who were going to object stick to their principles or they just give up on it all.


Devout Catholic, obviously a term that has no real meaning anymore if it includes Pelosi.


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