Public Defender on Gascon's Public Policy Team Is Behind Effort to Intimidate 'Rogue' DA's, Judges

Tiffany Blacknell, George Gascon, and Alisa Blair. CREDIT: Twitter, @BillFOXLA


Earlier this week we reported about intimidation and retaliation efforts aimed at Deputy District Attorneys in Los Angeles County who stick to actually representing the public and refuse to follow LA District Attorney George Gascon’s new Special Directives. One tool being used is a Google form that was set up to gather all of the particulars of any case in which a DDA didn’t adhere to said Special Directives.


Now we know that the person responsible for at least disseminating that form (and possibly for creating it) is Tiffiny Townend Blacknell, a Deputy Public Defender who is a member of Gascon’s Public Safety Committee and has been outspoken about holding Deputy DA’s and judges who fail to bow down to Gascon’s demands accountable for their actions.

According to the Metropolitan News-Enterprise, a daily Los Angeles newspaper focusing on law and the courts, a member of the Public Defender’s office staff posted the following on social media on Sunday, December 13:

“Hi, In the middle of trying to relax on the day of rest, our office received an email link from Mr. Gascon’s transition team instructing us to report every DA who is disobeying the new policy directives…with case details. It is very sad that the process has become Gestapo-like.”

Attached to the email was a link to the Google form, which was then modified and has since been closed to new responses. Given that Blacknell is a senior member of the Public Defenders office, are the other Public Defenders (PD’s) under pressure to report on DDA’s? Are they supposed to take time out of their busy days to fill out these forms? Perhaps Blacknell expects them to have the form up on their computers while they’re in the courtroom to make contemporaneous tattling even easier. And what if the PD’s don’t tattle in a particular case? Will Blacknell go after them?


Blacknell’s approach to private criminal defense attorneys was a little different, according to a social media posting one private criminal defense attorney made, reported by Met-News:

Tiffiny Blacknell invited input from defense attorneys. She said she is planning to meet with a transition committee in the DA’s office about what is happening.”

In a post to her public Facebook page (which has since been made private), Blacknell made it clear that it wasn’t just Deputy DA’s who needed to feel consequences for ignoring Gascon’s directives. She also plans to use the information gathered to keep score on Los Angeles County judges, so Black Lives Matter can “FLIP THE BENCH” and get rid of any judges who decide to stand up for crime victims and punish criminals.

Blacknell wrote:

“Ever since George Gascon announced his policies I have heard story after story of judges refusing to strike strikes, refusing to accept plea bargains, and refusing to strike special allegations. Before George, these same judges were doing whatever the DA asked them to do!

“So the truth comes out. It’s just the mass human caging that they believe in. It’s not about bowing to the will of the DA, it’s about perpetuating this racist system.

“Now that we know who’s who, it’s time to take action. The people have been voting for measure after measure to reduce the jail prison population, they have voted for a progressive prosecutor who has promised to reduce mass human caging. The only thing standing in the way of the will of the people, is the bench.

“Next up, FLIP THE BENCH! We’re keeping a list and checking it twice. It’s time to run some truly progressive judicial candidates in 2022, let’s get it!”


In a comment to that post, Blacknell wrote:

“We had draconian laws that fueled mass incarceration, we’re changing them. We had a prosecutor who fed Black and Brown bodies into the system, we got rid of her. Next up: FLIP THE BENCH!”

We know that George Soros has concentrated on District Attorney and Secretary of State races nationwide for quite some time; Soros and his friends were major backers of Gascon’s campaign. Now we know the next target, at least in Los Angeles – they’ll target judges who have the audacity to follow the law and impartially decide what’s best in each individual case, not simply bow to a blanket agenda set by George Soros Gascon.

Gascon doesn’t even have to do the dirty work. He’s got a willing army of brainwashed BLM devotees like Tiffany Blacknell who, despite having been called out for her inflammatory social media posts in the past, has a difficult time hiding her radical agenda. On Saturday she posted the following tweet and comment on Facebook:

She shared a tweet from a self-described formerly incarcerated immigration activist, Adnan Khan, who wrote:

Most, if not all, incarcerated ppl have been victims themselves before ever committing a crime. So when you hear “what about the victims” make sure to include the gruesome childhoods of those we incarcerate.


Blacknell wrote above it:

When we talk about victims, please let’s talk about ALL victims and not just the ones that fit your racist Law and Order narratives.

“Racist Law and Order narratives.” We thought Lady Justice was blind, Attorney Blacknell?


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