The Nashville Shooter's Autopsy Is Released; What It Tells Us

Our sister site Townhall broke the news of Audrey “Aiden” Elizabeth Hale’s autopsy being released. In late March, Hale entered The Covenant School in Nashville and proceeded to murder six people; three of them children.


There’s now more information about the shooting at the private Nashville Christian elementary school, The Covenant School, which is a Presbyterian school of about 200 students between preschool and sixth grade.

The police are now saying that three children and three adults were killed in the shooting. It’s not clear how many people may have been injured.

The shooter was killed after being “engaged” by police responding to the scene.

The 11-page report delved into the known causes of Hale’s death, as well as some documented facts that will be fodder for those who wish to delve deeper and potentially find hidden meaning in what Hale chose to wear and the items she was found carrying.

Though the cause of death was apparent, a hail of gunshots from a pair of heroic Nashville police officers who didn’t hesitate to neutralize Hale, the public has been left wondering what drugs were in the mass shooter’s system, if any, at the time of the Covenant School rampage. Included in the 11-page document from the Davidson County Medical Examiner’s office, a toxicology report found that the blood-, urine- and vitreous-humor analysis performed on Hale did not detect abuse of substances or alcohol.

Because we still lack a manifesto, what has been revealed will leave criminal analysts and armchair criminologists digging for answers and insight.

Bizarre clothing choices

As seen on the footage released by the Nashville PD, Hale had some interesting clothing choices, some which made sense, others which are head-scratching.

  • A black tactical-style vest
  • A white T-shirt with words, drawings, and numbers handwritten on it.
  • A pink-tan bra, also covered with a drawing and handwritten words.
  • A black tee with “a firing range logo” printed on the left-front side.
  • A utility belt with holsters attached.
  • Orange earplugs.
  • A red baseball cap, worn backward.
  • Black-and-blue partial gloves.
  • Camouflage pants.

Hale carried a pocket knife with her transgender name “Aiden” monogrammed on it along with multiple ammunition magazines recovered from the trans militant’s clothes. Hale had also her trans name on one of the guns she had on her person, as seen below.

What Was Revealed

A postmortem X-ray of Hale’s remains was reviewed showing Hale had not made any cosmetic changes to her body. Her anatomy was still biologically female.

From the autopsy report:

The body is that of a well-developed, well-nourished 5 foot 2 inch, 119-1/2 pound phenotypic female who appears to be the reported age of 28 years.


Here is the breakdown of facts surrounding Hale’s death:

CAUSE OF DEATH: Gunshot wounds
CIRCUMSTANCES OF DEATH: Decedent was hot by another person(s)


Of the documented injuries, the 28-year-old killer sustained an “entrance-type” gunshot wound to the torso and left arm, one to the head, and another to the right thigh, as well as graze wounds of the right shoulder, plus blunt-force trauma of the body.

Hale did receive medical attention before being pronounced dead. A gunshot to the head and directly at the femoral artery are not generally survivable injuries.

Townhall reports that more updates will be forthcoming. RedState will keep abreast of this story as it develops.


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