Think Anheuser-Busch Jumped the Trans Shark? Smirnoff Says, 'Hold My Vodka'

Drag Queen The Only Maxine Performing for Smirnoff's Show Up-Show Off Competition. (Credit: Instagram)

Our sister site Twitchy is always a wealth of information on individuals saying the quiet part out loud about controversial subjects or things that Democrats and Leftists (but I repeat myself) would rather have kept under wraps.


In the case of Smirnoff, Twitchy pulls the covers off this American company’s support for drag competitions and LGBTQIA causes.

So Smirnoff wants people to stop buying their vodka or what? We hate to break it to them, but this did NOT go so hot for Bud Light. And what’s even worse here is who their ‘face’ is beyond the whole trans thing. You guys thought Dylan Mulvaney was bad?

Yeah, not like this.

Take a look at ‘Maxine’.

What people don’t realize is that for Smirnoff, this has been going on for a while. You see, Smirnoff US has been supporting LGBTQIA plus, plus, plus causes for at least the last five years (maybe even longer). They host a contest called, “Show Up. Show Off!” to find representatives from the drag community to spearhead the celebration of Pride Month (June) and be a part of the Smirnoff Influencer Community.

From Smirnoff US’s website:


With Show Up. Show Off!, Smirnoff encourages everyone to serve flavor. To celebrate the LGBTQUIA+ community, we’re hosting our most inclusive drag extravaganza ever: 2 regional events and 1 finale you won’t want to miss. We’ll be crowning The People’s King or Queen—voted on by you, the people—and have them join the Smirnoff Influencer Community.

Follow Smirnoff socials to see pictures, videos, and recaps of our events starting August 6th and join the moment by casting your votes!


Show Up. Show Off!’s first competition (or at least the first that has been advertised) occurred in 2022 and a big party is planned for June 2023 to announce the winner(s). The Austin-based drag queen mentioned above, who goes under the name of “The Only Maxine,” is one of the finalists and appears to already be doing some paid partnerships with Smirnoff US.

The Only Maxine Encourages Votes for Show Up-Show Off. (Credit: Instagram)


We’ve pre-selected 12 drag performers—queens, kings, and everyone in-between—from across the country to turn the party at Show Up. Show Off! Crowdsourced votes—from you, the people!—will determine who moves on to the Show Up. Show Off! finale extravaganza. There, the final four performers will battle it out for the last votes for the No. 21 Crown.

The one who reigns supreme will be named Mx. Smirnoff No. 21 and The People’s King or Queen. They will receive a talent contract valued at approximately $50,000 and be invited to serve as the newest ambassador representing the LGBTQUIA+ community for Smirnoff Pride 2023.

A $50,000 talent contract? That will buy you a lot of vodka — and other things, like the permanent hormones The Only Maxine is required to take as he transitions into a transgendered female.

The Only Maxine Shows His Transformation from Two Years on Hormones. (Credit: Instagram)


A senior vice president for Smirnoff’s parent company Diageo had this to say in 2022 about the drag event:

“Smirnoff has a long history of championing inclusivity for the LGBTQUIA+ community and that support has only grown stronger over the years,” says Jay Sethi, Senior Vice President, Ready-to-Drink Category Leader, Diageo. “Show Up, Show Off is a celebration and call to action for people to be their most authentic selves all year round, because 30 days in June just isn’t enough and our community needs to be louder and prouder than ever before.”

With a longstanding history of supporting love in all forms, Smirnoff has advocated alongside the LGBTQUIA+ community for a better, brighter future and will once again donate to organizations working to uplift and support those most at risk in the community, by donating $250,000 to The Phluid Phoundation.

I recommend peeping The Phluid Phoundation’s website and looking at their corporate sponsors. For those thinking they’ll switch to drinking Grey Goose instead, keep looking.

As Oli London’s tweet above also mentioned, The Only Maxine is a trans activist. I know… shocker. The Only Maxine has been busy at the Texas State Capitol, first testifying on March 23 against Senate Bill 14, which would prevent medical personnel from prescribing puberty blockers and hormone medications to minors (under 18), as well as performing surgeries that would remove body parts related to their biological sex.

Senate Bill 14, which has already passed out of the Senate, has the support of the majority of GOP House members.

It comes as Republicans nationally have elevated anti-LGBTQ legislation to the top of their priority list, and more than a dozen red states have passed similar laws, several of them drawing immediate legal challenges.

Texas has one of the largest populations of transgender youth in the country, with an estimated 29,800 between the ages of 13 and 17, according to a 2022 analysis by the Williams Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles.

On Thursday, The Only Maxine and other transgender activists were in the Texas capitol rotunda to protest SB14 moving forward from the Senate. They were deemed disruptive by the Speaker of the House, and removed from the building.

Debate over a bill to ban transition medical care for transgender youth snowballed into a dramatic scene Tuesday in the Texas House after protesters began chanting and the speaker called for troopers to clear the gallery.

Democrats had just made their first attempt to obstruct or at least delay the bill using a procedural tactic when a protester in the gallery shouted “Trans kids deserve more.” Others quickly joined in. After being escorted out, at least one protester was physically detained by state troopers inside the Capitol.

While Democrats succeeded in delaying the bill, a Republican-led committee quickly convened in the afternoon to correct a technical issue, and House leaders promised the bill would return to the floor later this week. It has the support of the majority of members in the GOP-dominated chamber, meaning it will likely sail through to the governor’s desk.

The Only Maxine posted video to his Instagram account documenting this.

Yesterday at the Texas State Capitol, the LGBTQIA+ community came together to peacefully protest Senate Bill 14. A bill that would prohibit gender & life-affirming healthcare to trans kids.

While sitting in the House of Representatives, myself & many others were forcibly removed by @texas_dps in an attempt to clear the room. At what point does peaceful protest have to become physical? I was sitting there helping to compose @atxsuperman who was having a panic attack yet DPS did not care & continued to get physical.

At the same time, a group of conservative Texans were occupying the chamber as well, and none of them were forcibly removed. In fact, none of them were removed from the Capitol & I was told they were allowed back in, but we were not. Multiple queer individuals were arrested and detained, including @sofia_in_texas for putting up a banner during our protest rally in the main rotunda. And because of that, she has been banned from the Capitol for a year.

Just as The Only Maxine has the right to protest bills he does not agree with, and Smirnoff has every right as a private company to support who they want with their dollars, so the Texas citizens and the American people also have a right to decide whether this transgender agenda, which includes deadly medical experimentation and mutilation of minors, should be supported.

As is the case with Anheuser-Busch, it’s becoming pretty clear that people are not required to co-sign other’s people’s madness and can support their legislature in passing laws to mitigate the damage to its own citizens, as well as vote with their dollars by no longer purchasing a product or service. Now that Smirnoff’s quiet but consistent support of the drag community has been uncovered, Americans can act accordingly on whether it is a company they wish to give the Bud Light treatment.

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