Mexico and Biden Administrations Play 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil' With More Illegal Immigrant Deaths on the Southern Border

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Another tragedy near Uvalde, Texas, this time involving human smuggling. Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin posted video of emergency services responding at the scene. According to Melugin, two migrants are dead, and 14 are in critical condition after being found in a train car east of the town of Knippa, Texas.


A concerned citizen called 911 after hearing sounds of suffocation. 

Video from the scene earlier today, courtesy of Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin. Incident began after a third party called 911 and reported there were people inside the train car who were “suffocating”.

There is a deep degree of inhumanity when you cram people into metal cans with no ventilation or air flow: whether they be trailers, trucks, or train cars. This inhumanity is not just limited to the Mexican Cartels. The Biden administration continues to pretend there is no problem at the Southern Border, or if there is a problem, it’s Trump’s fault. Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also likes to play a game of pretend, claiming there is no fentanyl coming from Mexico and that their government’s hands are clean.

Pull the other finger. There is already a lot of blood, and now these deaths on Friday have brought more gushing forth. In June of 2022, Deputy Managing Editor Susie Moore reported on forty-six illegal immigrants who were found dead in a tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas.

Horrible news out of San Antonio, Texas, Monday night, as reports indicate at least 46 migrants were found dead in the back of a tractor-trailer.

Per Fox News:

Crews were at the 9600 block of Quintana Road where an 18-wheeler containing up to 100 migrants inside was found abandoned, Fox San Antonio reported. The discovery is part of what is believed to be a human smuggling operation.

“This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Monday night near the location where the tractor-trailer was found.

Per the reports, none of those found dead were children. However, four children were transported to the hospital, along with a dozen adults.


My colleague Bob Hoge parsed out the increasing weight of dead bodies on the Southern Border.

The media often reports on the increasing number of illegal aliens and the hundreds of thousands of “gotaways” entering our country at the southern border under President Joe Biden’s watch, but what doesn’t always get as much attention is the number of people dying as they attempt the perilous trek.

Many get swept away by the powerful currents of the Rio Grande, perish by falling from cliffs along mountain passes or die from dehydration, or by getting lost at sea.

In one of the worst cases, which I reported on in September 2022, 53 illegals were found dead in the back of a semi that had been abandoned by the driver so he could go on a meth bender.

These recent murders near Uvalde are a travesty, but with the feigned ignorance of Democrats who choose to play politics instead of facing reality and contributing to solutions, we can expect to see even more. Uvalde’s mayor Don McLaughlin called out the hypocrisy of Democrats and the Biden administration, via Fox News.

After two migrants suffocated to death in a suspected human smuggling attempt, Uvalde, TX Mayor Don McLaughlin appeared on “Fox and Friends,” Saturday, to issue a dire warning to President Biden.

He asked, “How many lives have to be lost” until administrative action is taken?

DON MCLAUGHLIN: Well, how anybody could come down here and look and use common sense and see that we have a problem down here. And I don’t know why the Democrats keep wanting to stick their head in the sand and say, we have a good policy down here, when we don’t. You know, when they come to the border, they only come where it’s been sanitized. 

So when they come in, it looks nice and clean and there’s no problems in it. Come stay with some of these ranchers. Come with these first responders and these law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day in these high-speed pursuits that average 100 to 130 miles per hour. Face reality.

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