RNC Chair Race Runs Hot as Endorsements Pour in for Harmeet Dhillon and 'No Confidence' Votes Pour out Against Ronna McDaniel

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Over the weekend, one of the most powerful and cohesive state GOP arms issued a vote of “no confidence” against RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

From The Hill:


The Alabama Republican Party said it would not support Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in her bid to again lead the national organization, another blow in what is already shaping up to be her toughest leadership challenge to date.

“The Alabama Republican Party’s Steering Committee cannot support or endorse Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair and declare our vote of no-confidence in her leadership,” the state’s party said in a statement that was first reported by ABC.

McDaniel has come under fire after what was widely considered to be a disappointing result by the party in the November midterm elections. Republicans failed to win back control of the Senate and secured a slim majority in the House of Representatives.

The Texas GOP Executive Committee set it off in December 2022 by voting no confidence in RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, as reported by the Texas Tribune. The Republican Executive Committee voted 62-0 to pass the resolution, saying McDaniel “must be replaced.” The Florida GOP has a no-confidence vote scheduled between January 14-20, 2023.


An overwhelming majority of Republican voters also believe that the party should move on from McDaniel, according to a December poll from a conservative grassroots group that was obtained exclusively by The Hill. It found that 73 percent of Republican voters would support electing someone other than McDaniel for the position.

My colleague and RedState Senior Editor Joe Cunningham reported on this poll, and had this to say:

Decentralizing isn’t just bad for McDaniel – it’s bad for a lot of the RNC top brass, who have consolidated power within the central committee. That’s what leads to things like thinking you can spend donor money willy-nilly on a lot of unnecessary purchases and think it’s completely normal.

So, the fact that state committees are exercising their considerable power and declaring that a new day for Republicans is happening, and this requires new leadership at the top of the Republican National Committee speaks volumes. The days of “go along to get along” are fast waning, as attested by last week’s battle over the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Despite news outlets, including The Hill, reporting that McDaniel has the 168 votes needed to secure her re-nomination as RNC Chair, these votes of no confidence and endorsements for McDaniel’s challenger—Civil Rights Attorney Harmeet Dhillon—keep rolling in.


The Kitsap County Republican Party held its first meeting of the new year on Monday, January 2. We voted to endorse Harmeet Dhillon for the position of Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair.

We feel there needs to be a change in Republican Leadership at the highest level to create a grassroots ground-selling of activated Republicans who can bring about change to our great nation.

The RNC Chair vote is fast approaching on January 27. While Dhillon continues to outline her fresh vision for the Committee that focuses on a partnership between grassroots, state committees, and the donor class, McDaniel continues to deflect criticism and lay blame on Republican infighting.

We will see which take secures the votes.


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