Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Speaks to RedState on the Never-Ending Fight for Liberty

Jennifer Oliver O'Connell Interviews FL Rep. Byron Donalds (Credit: Jennifer Van Laar)

I had the great privilege of sitting down with Florida Congressman Byron Donalds at AmFest 2022 last week. There are very few politicians who I would consider the real deal – politicians who are in office to serve the people, and not themselves. Donalds is one of those few.


Because of that, Donalds is also a rising star in the Republican Party. There are many other reasons for that—and truth be told, look at who is on the field—but the most pivotal is this: he articulates conservatism and conservative principles in a way many Republican politicians either cannot or refuse to. Donalds understands how to speak to the issues Americans are facing. But, he doesn’t just bloviate (looking at you, Sen. Lindsey Graham). He takes action, not just in his local environs, but nationally.

Donalds is “America First” without being cultist MAGA. That means that he holds constitutional liberties and the will of the American people as greater than any one person. After the midterm elections, he spoke with Fox Business’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and had this to say about the potential roadmap Republicans need to follow in order to replicate nationally the winning that occurred in Florida locally.

“That really is the template for the rest of America, you have to be bold about your principles and your policies. You shouldn’t run away from them, you shouldn’t be shy about them, and the voters will reward you because of it.”


Donalds recently spoke out against the 1.7 trillion omnibus bill, the 4,100-page monstrosity that just passed the Senate, with the help of 18 Republicans.

Days before, he took to Twitter to further call out Senate Republicans,

“Any Senate Republican that agrees to a 9 month omnibus spending bill will steal the ability for House Republicans to secure the border. You will be complicit in Biden’s border crisis!!”

Essentially, this Senate has hamstrung the House of Representatives in doing its work of controlling the purse strings, and Donalds recognizes this.

Donalds upholds country over party and is steady and clear-eyed about his principles. He is even clearer-eyed about his hope for America’s future. In his February 2022 CPAC speech, he left the attendees with this charge:

“A society based on religious freedom, A society based on economic freedom, A society based on political freedom is the only society that works not just in America, but around the globe, and we can get it done, and keep it here in these United States,” he said.


There’s a reason Donalds maintained his District 19 congressional seat with 68 percent of the vote. His constituents want a representative who not only looks out for their interest but is forward-thinking and nationally focused, realizing that what is preserved and germinated locally, will always replicate at the national level.

Donalds spoke with me for about 13 minutes and encouraged me that the battle for liberty is never ending, and we should always be focused on the fight. Donalds also expounded on where Republicans and conservatives need to focus and pivot, like building relationships and courting votes in urban centers. Donalds gave some fire commentary on whether GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy should become Speaker of this House.

It was an enjoyable conversation and Rep. Donalds was most gracious in giving me his time.


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