CPAC 2022: Byron Donalds Schools on How to Take Back the Minds of Young People

Screenshot of Byron Donalds' CPAC 2022 Speech. Credit: RSBN Live/ACU

Rep. Byron Donalds’ (R-FL) took the CPAC stage with smooth strides, and a polished demeanor. The grace and confidence in this young man is some of the reason why he is a rising star in the Republican Party. His ability to articulate conservative principles and stand in the fight is the rest.


Donalds’ speech was short, sweet, and to a fine point. He exhorted,

“CPAC… we got some work to do in about 8 to 9 months.”

No kidding. Donalds reviewed the sad history and tactics of the Democrat Left, and the socialist agenda that they have been trying to implement, especially over the past year. The American Rescue Plan. Build Back Better. The hijacking of voting rights, the packing of the Supreme Court, and on, and on.

But here is where Donalds became emphatic in his speech.

“They want to indoctrinate our kids. It’s more than gender identity, it’s more than CRT. They are indoctrinating our children to make them think that socialism is somehow equivalent to capitalism,” he said.

“They’re not giving up on these ideas. They want to do more. They killed Keystone Pipeline, they’ve opened up our borders, they want to spend massively.”

But Donalds didn’t leave it at gloom and doom (thank God). He countered,

“We’re going to fight them this November.”

Donalds then schooled the CPAC crowd on how to concentrate the fight against this socialist agenda, and to wrest back the minds of the young, who have been steeped in the leftist indoctrination in the schools. Kind of like I encouraged in my Black History post about Melvin B. Tolson.


“This economy, this society, has allowed a kid from Brooklyn, NY who grew up poor to actually have choice to serve in the House of Representatives or be out in the world and make lots of money,” he said.

But we often take those choices for granted, until they are threatened. Donalds once again became emphatic in his speech:

“But we gotta fight for it, folks. CPAC… we gotta fight for it!

“The battle for our future, the battle for our country, the battle for our economy is in every public school, every private school, every charter school, and every home school across America.

“We can win this battle. We can win this battle one very simple way. ONE. Folks, we gotta engage in the culture. I got kids, I built a life for them. And in their life they can customize everything[…].

“They have at their fingertips the very manifestation of a free market economy that a free society allows. They can literally choose whatever they want.

Donalds rounded up his points with this challenge that can be presented to every young person in language that they understand.

“So, the political question of our time, for all young Americans, is do you want to still be able to choose whatever you want whenever you want it at a moment’s notice, and be able to get it? Or do you want to listen to Joe Biden?

“You see, CPAC, I believe we can win that argument. I believe that conservatives can win that debate every single day.”


Amen, but it requires engagement, and activation. Really, that’s all being an activist is—lighting the fire under someone. With Donalds’ good words, we can spark the minds of our young to find, take back, and keep their righteous minds, and their ability to choose.

“A society based on religious freedom, A society based on economic freedom, A society based on political freedom is the only society that works not just in America, but around the globe, and we can get it done, and keep it here in these United States,” he ended.

Here’s the full speech.


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