The Omnibus Bill Is Sending Piles of Cash to the Democrat's Pet Anti-Trump Project

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

A lot of things are being discovered in the 4,000+ page omnibus bill that would add $1.7 trillion to the national debt. While a lot has been made about the inclusion of even more billions being thrown at Ukraine’s war against Russia, other details are coming out about it that make it clear that this is a spending bill that scratches the deepest itches of the Democrat Party.


According to NBC News, this bill will also throw well over $2 billion at U.S. attorneys over the fiscal year in order to assist with prosecutions related to the January 6 capitol riot:

The package would give U.S. attorneys a budget of $2.63 billion for the coming fiscal year, a $212.1 million boost above current levels. One reason for the additional money is “to further support prosecutions related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases,” according to a summary provided by the House Appropriations Committee.

NBC News reported in October that the Justice Department said it was in critical need of additional resources for its investigation into the Capitol attack in 2021; more than a dozen sources familiar with the probe expressed concerns about the resources available for the investigation.

Biden’s Justice Department has requested $34 million from Congress for the sole reason of carrying out these investigations according to NBC:

“The cases are unprecedented in scale and [it] is expected to be among the most complex investigations prosecuted by the Department of Justice,” the Justice Department previously told Congress, adding that the funding was “necessary for the continued prosecutions of the growing number of cases related to this breach of the U.S. Capitol that has left the Department with an immense task of finding and charging those responsible for the attacks.”


This, along with a lot of other unnecessary and ridiculous spending such as millions for a “Michelle Obama Trail” in Georgia and funding for LBGTQ “Pride” centers, is a Democrat Christmas wish list more than an actual attempt at spending money for the sake of the people.

I’m not sure what $200 million on gender programs in Pakistan does to serve the American populace, for instance.

It’s pretty clear our government is spending like a teenager who doesn’t understand what “credit” means and with few exceptions, the Republicans seem to be willing and ready to go right along with it. This includes Mitch McConnell, the supposed leader of the Republican Party, who clearly shouldn’t be the party leader anymore.


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