Tea Party Patriots Action Files Complaint Against Mar-a-Lago Raid Judge Bruce Reinhart

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Has anyone noticed how the legacy media has shifted from classified documents in the Mar-a-Lago Raid to what Joe Biden plans to do with student loan debt?

That’s because the narrative on the Mar-a-Lago Raid is no longer in the Department of Justice’s favor. My colleague Nick Arama wrote on Saturday:


As we previously reported, intel officials were leaking to Newsweek that the FBI was looking for documents including those related to the Russia collusion hoax. After journalist Paul Sperry tweeted about that about a week ago, he got booted from Twitter. But he then dropped a bombshell post on Gettr about the same counterintelligence unit that had been involved in the Russia collusion investigation (Crossfire Hurricane) against Trump now being involved in the raid, and that some of the agents involved were under criminal investigation by Special Counsel John Durham.

Sperry has now expanded on that Gettr post about it being the same unit that was involved in Crossfire Hurricane and the FBI raid.

On Monday, former President Donald Trump filed a motion for a “Special Master” to oversee the review of the documents seized from the raid.

The American people’s outrage over the raid is still off the chain, as revealed in a Rasmussen poll showing 53 percent of Americans think that the FBI is, “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.”

Thursday is supposed to be the deadline for the DOJ to reveal the redactions on the affidavit authorizing the search warrant, and even more scrutiny is being placed on Judge Bruce Reinhart, the federal magistrate who the DOJ tapped to issue the warrant.

On Wednesday, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) threw down the gauntlet, filing a complaint against Judge Reinhart with the Judicial Council of the Eleventh Circuit.


[TPPA] announced today that it filed a complaint for “unethical and prejudicial conduct” against Judge Bruce E. Reinhart, the judge who approved the warrant to search President Trump’s residence. The complaint accuses Judge Reinhart of having a “conflict of interest and a pattern and history of hostility to President Trump.”

My colleague Bonchie uncovered some of Judge Reinhart’s extremely questionable background:

Astonishingly, he quit his job as a prosecutor to go work for infamous sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, and he helped secure immunity deals for many of the low-life enablers who surrounded Epstein.

How do all these government officials continue to end up in Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit? I could speculate, but I’ll leave that question open-ended. Still, it seems like an awful conflict of interest for a former U.S. Attorney to immediately go defend people who are being targeted by the government. What did he know from his time with the DOJ that helped him secure those sweetheart deals? Lastly, it appears that Reinhart is no fan of Donald Trump.

The TPPA complaint lists seven “undisputed facts” with receipts supporting their accusations:

1. That Judge Reinhart has publicly denigrated President Donald Trump.

The featured image above is one example of the judge’s bias and disdain toward Trump. He doesn’t even pretend to hide it.

2. That Judge Reinhart recused himself from a lawsuit between Trump and Hillary Clinton, citing a “conflict of interest.”


3. That Judge Reinhart has a history of ethical issues, namely his association with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

This alone is mind-boggling, and this connection has been mostly ignored by the legacy media.

Par for the course.

4. That Judge Reinhart maintains deep ties to the Democrat Party, and his financial contributions to former President Barack Obama and Jeb Bush.

5. That Judge Reinhart’s partisan leanings and lack of objectivity toward former President Trump should have been cause enough for him to recuse himself when approached by the DOJ to issue the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago. In this case, Reinhart failed to do so.

6. That Judge Reinhart does not meet the standards of ethical conduct and character necessary for the nonpartisan role of a judge.

When Reinhart was appointed as a federal magistrate judge, the biography in the press release issued by the United States District Court of Florida said:

In addition to his private practice, Mr. Reinhart previously served on the Court’s CJA Panel representing indigent criminal defendants, served as an Ethics Commissioner on the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics, and provided pro bono representation through the Clemency Project 2014, which was a program jointly established by numerous bar associations to assist federal prisoners with clemency applications.

Emphasis mine.

Let that sink in for a spell.

7. That Judge Reinhart’s actions and authorization in the search warrant threatens the principle of “equal justice under law” and the confidence of the American people in an unbiased judiciary.


Honorary TPPA Chairman Jenny Beth Martin further clarified her actions in this statement,

“Judge Reinhart acted unethically in approving the warrant to search President Trump’s residence.

“He should be disciplined and removed as a federal magistrate. The entire episode involving the search of former President Trump’s home threatens the principle of ‘equal justice under law’ and the confidence of the American people in an unbiased judiciary.”

I doubt that Judge Reinhart will be removed from the bench. But TPPA’s action is serving to cast additional sunlight and transparency on the tactics used by the DOJ to justify this unprecedented raid. Tactics that Merrick Garland would prefer stayed under wraps and in the shadows.


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