Access to Chemical Abortion Will Be the New Battleground

This here is why the work is not done for the pro-life movement. We have Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra claiming that in his position, he can still find ways for this federal agency to assist in abortions, and then you have Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), AOC, and other elected Democrat “leaders” floating the idea of using federal lands to set up abortion tents. The unhinged desperation of the abortion lobby becomes more and more palpable as the nation navigates a post-Roe landscape.


Their best hope in keeping the death merchants and their unholy sacraments active is the abortion pill. Even before the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision was handed down, these drugs have been flying off the shelves, with abortion allies sharing information on how these pills can be obtained and used without medical assistance.

This is dangerous, and the consequences to people who foolishly choose this route are yet to be seen. This also may be why nationwide pharmacies are placing new restrictions on access to these drugs.

From The Hill:

Several major pharmacies are imposing purchase limits on emergency contraception — also known as “morning-after pills” — after a surge in demand following last week’s overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Both CVS and Rite Aid confirmed three-per-customer purchase limits to NBC News on Tuesday morning. Limits include Plan B One-Step and Aftera, which are brand-name products for the drug Levonorgestrel. CVS told NBC it has “ample supply” of the medications but that the company wants to ensure “equitable access” and a consistent supply.


I suspect these corporate pharmacies, as well as the drug manufacturers, are also doing what they can to shield themselves from liability.

Good luck with that.

These pills are emergency abortifacients. No one should be using the without medical supervision, nor should they be popping them like Tic-Tacs. But a generation that is in sackcloth and ashes because they can no longer hook up without consequences is long on stupidity, and short on common sense.



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