Brave Books Releases 'The Plot Against The King' Featuring Kash Patel

Set during the Medieval era, The Plot Against the King is Brave Books’ latest publication and first partnership with Kash Patel, the Former Chief of Staff for the Department of Defense, Deputy Assistant to President Donald J. Trump, and the lead investigator on the RussiaGate hoax.


The family-focused book borrows from Patel’s writings in his non-fiction book, the Nunes Memo, and adapts it into a form that everyone can digest and assimilate. Patel uses plain language and illustration to tell the story of what really happened with Russia Gate: the duplicity and lies from the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign, the legacy media’s compliance with pushing this false narrative, as well as dirty law enforcement at all levels, from the FBI to the CIA. Of course, the search for the truth would not be complete without the villian, Adam “Shifty” Schiff playing puppet master with his intelligence leaks as lies.

What is potentially the biggest criminal conspiracy in United States history against a sitting President and his campaign has been suppressed and savaged by the national press. Patel hopes to flip the script for future generations to not only know the truth, but to learn how to stand for truth and uncover it.

The book follows a wizard named “Kash the Distinguished Discoverer,” as he sets out on a quest to find the truth. Just days after Sir Donald the Merchant was chosen to be the next king defeating Hillary Queenton, a Shifty-looking knight (guess who?) uses the heralds with their loud trumpets to spread the word that he has found evidence that proves Sir Donald cheated with the Russionians to win the throne. Kash realizes that someone must get to the bottom of these accusations once and for all.


On the book’s concluding page, Patel summarizes its message:

“Now that you know more of the facts, it’s time for you to think carefully and decide what you think of the king. Don’t trust the person with the loudest trumpet.”

Profound, as the ones with the loudest trumpets are invested in deception and gaslighting, rather than truth telling.

From the Brave Books’ press release:

Patel is committed to bringing the American people easy access to the truth about Russia Gate in hopes that people like Adam Schiff are held accountable for spreading a false narrative to the world. He says there were so many purveyors of lies- in Congress, the media, and in government- who combined forces to destroy the truth, subvert our democratic process, and crush our constitutional democracy.

Through this picture book, Kash’s goal, with the help of his good friends Donald Trump and Devin Nunes, is to offer a fun way for families to learn the truth about a very complicated and corrupt conspiracy. He says, “above all, accountability is a must, especially when those privileged enough to serve this nation shatter the public’s confidence by perpetuating the largest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history. From the time when I first sounded the alarm on this investigation, it has been my mission to make sure Americans always have the truth. I am thrilled to share the truth- uphold the oath I took to protect our constitution, the American people, and ensure the history of our republic is not marred by the Shifty Knight.”


For more information about the book and to become a Brave Books subscriber, visit the publisher’s website. When you subscribe, use the code “KASH” to get your first book for free!


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