IN MY ORBIT: Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots are Alive and Well, and Doing the Work to Secure Election Integrity and Quality Candidates

Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots-As the Girl Turns In My Orbit Interview

Many of you enjoyed RedState’s report on the Tea Party Patriots Foundation’s initiatives to train the states on election integrity and how to combat fraud, as well as conservative candidate recruitment and training. Some of our dear readers were pleasantly surprised that the Tea Party was still around and active. I had the pleasure to sit down with Tea Party Patriots Founder Jenny Beth Martin to discuss its history, and get more details on both the Election Integrity Project and the candidate training.

In terms of what the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) have been up to for the last 11 years, Martin had this to say:

“We have over three million people who are part of our network, and that includes Facebook, and email, direct mail and phone calls. We have a very large network,” she said.

The organization worked with the Trump administration to move the projects and initiatives they had protested about during the Obama administration: like securing the Border.

“We were rolling up our sleeves and working, so that may be part of why people are like, wait where are they?” Martin explained. “When I went to the White House, I wasn’t normally taking selfies saying, ‘Hey, I’m in the White House!’, We were just trying to get the work done.”

TPP did get much work done, through the Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA), and now through the Tea Party Patriots Foundation (TPPF).

“One of the things that we learned from our supporters is that even if their candidates did not win in the primaries in 2014, they wanted to support Republicans, especially in the United States Senate, in an effort to have a check on President Obama in his last two years in office,” Martin said.

“That was very, very important.”

The work through TPPA was pivotal in getting out the vote and helping to win more conservative and Republican seats.

“Well then, once President Trump became president, helping with judicial nominees and helping move those through and supporting candidates, I think is something that we will see the fruits of for years to come,” she said. “They may not always do what I want, but I think that that we’re in a better position because of that.”

With the Election Integrity Project, and the candidate recruitment and training, Martin hopes to not only plant more seeds, but reap a harvest of candidates and legislation that will restore America, rather than destroy it. Virginia is the poster child of TPPA and TPPF’s work in that state. Governor Glenn Youngkin, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, and Attorney General Jason Miyares were sworn into office on January 17, 2022, and are already working to fulfill the will of the voters.

In the interview, Martin talked about the 2020 election, and the major issues that plagued certain states—not just surrounding fraud, but mismanagement, negligence, and other concerns.

“Well, we have to fix those problems and we can’t just sit by and expect other people to fix it. We know that we must work on that,” she explained.

“In 2021 there was a huge group of people in Virginia who wanted to make sure they had secure and fair elections in Virginia and that is what we worked on. This was in an off-year election, but they did it with their eye on the future.”

They got it right in Virginia and the citizens of Virginia will see the fruit for decades to come. Now, Martin is helping to take the template to other states.

“If we can get this right and build kind of a template, then we’ll be able to help other states like Georgia and Arizona and the other states I mentioned have a template to use to start securing their elections,” she said.

“There were over 80 groups in Virginia that were involved in this.”

The interview is 30 minutes, and Martin speaks to how we can tackle the voter fraud in states like California, where the fraud is built into the system. And perk up your ears for some pivotal information about how the Republican Party tied its own hands in ensuring election integrity for its members.



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