Kyle Rittenhouse and Andrew Coffee IV: Same Verdict, Same Systemically Racist System?

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In March of 2017 a SWAT team raided the home of a West Palm Beach family under a new Operation Safe Streets Initiative.

West Palm Beach, FL’s local WPTV reported in 2017:


That initiative came about after one of their deputies was shot and killed by a stray bullet.

“We started this operation targeting criminals, felons, fugitives, drug dealers and people who are causing problems in the community,” said Flowers.

The month-old operation has already yielded 4 search warrants, 16 arrests and the seizure of drugs and guns.

Father Andrew Coffee III and his son, Andrew Coffee IV were described by West Palm Beach authorities as career criminals, with prior arrests between them.

The son Andrew Coffee IV fired back, and sadly, it was reported that he used his girlfriend Alteria Woods as a shield.

The sheriff’s office says the younger Coffee started shooting at the swat teams members, forcing them to return fire. They say he used his pregnant girlfriend as a shield. She was killed from the deputies’ crossfire.

“Cowardly actions on their part,” said Lt. Eric Flowers with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

Was Coffee IV protecting his home, or was he a criminal radical with a too-powerful, military style gun, trying to skirt the law, kill police, and as a result, murdered his girlfriend?

Fast forward to November of 2021, and the trial of Coffee IV v. Indian River County Sheriff’s Department. On the same day that the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict was rendered, a jury of his peers found Andrew Coffee IV Not Guilty on five of the six counts against him.


WPTV also reported on the trial and the verdict.

An Indian River County man on trial in connection with a deadly 2017 SWAT raid in Gifford was found not guilty of five of the six charges Friday.

Andrew Coffee IV was charged with second-degree murder of his 21-year-old girlfriend, Alteria Woods, and three counts of attempted murder of law enforcement after the raid led to an exchange of gunfire.

He was also acquitted of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

“I’m glad that he was found not guilty because I knew he loved Alteria,” said Alteria’s mother, Yolanda Woods.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office claimed Coffee IV fired shots first at deputies during an early-morning search warrant for narcotics at a Gifford home four years ago.

According to an arrest affidavit, SWAT team members returned fire into the bedroom. However, Coffee IV claimed deputies fired first.

Sound familiar? Kyle Rittenhouse was found Not Guilty on all five of the six counts of the indictment against him. The sixth count concerning the legality of the firearm had been dismissed by presiding Judge Bruce Schroeder before the jury deliberated. Kyle’s attorneys claimed that the shootings of Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, and Gaige Grosskreutz were a result of Rittenhouse defending himself against their aggressive attacks.


Fearing for his life, Coffee IV told investigators that he fired two or three rounds. The sheriff’s office maintained it announced its presence.

Coffee IV told investigators that he didn’t know it was deputies because they did not announce who they were.

The claim that he used his girlfriend as a shield was torn down during the trial and also debunked by Woods’ mother, who holds no animus toward Coffee IV over the death of her daughter.

His girlfriend, Alteria Woods, who was also at the home, was shot 10 times and died during the gunfire.

“She was laying in bed and they shot her ten times,” Woods cried.

She also claims initial reports that Coffee IV used Woods as a shield from the bullets were not true. She also said reports that Woods was pregnant at the time were also not true.

A grand jury previously exonerated the officer and deputies who fired their weapons during the incident. However, a jury on Friday found Coffee IV guilty of possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted felon.

As it should be. Unlike Kyle Rittenhouse, who had no criminal record (unlike the majority of those that he shot), as a convicted felon, Coffee IV’s possession of a firearm was illegal. This is the only count on which Coffee IV was found Guilty, and aligned with established local and state laws.


Woods’ mother feels as though Coffee IV’s almost complete acquittal is a just verdict. However, she wants the state to be held accountable for her daughter’s death, and is suing the sheriff’s department in civil court.

If the court system is so systemically racist, why continue to use it to try and seek justice?

Asking for a friend.

It is interesting that there are no cries of injustice, systemic racism, or a weighted judicial system on the Andrew Coffee IV trial. In fact, it didn’t even hit the national press, mainly because it does not fit their chosen narrative of gun control and dangerous white men with guns.

But the same trial-by-jury system, and the same gun freedoms and gun laws upheld the rights of two young men: one White, the other Black, to defend themselves. The same American court system in different states affirmed those rights for both men. It is absolutely schizophrenic, not to mention disingenuous, to cry that the system worked for one person because of their race, but didn’t work for another in spite of theirs.

This is how the American justice system is supposed to work. There is a blindfold on Lady Justice for a reason: to prevent her from ruling on the basis of color, background, or economic station, but only on the basis of the law and the evidence. There are too many examples on why the system does not always work the same for all people; but this is not one of them. Yet, we have outcries and protests occurring because of the Rittenhouse verdict, but the Coffee IV verdict is being tacitly ignored.


Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure does a terrific job of breaking down both cases, and explains his support of the Rittenhouse and Coffee IV verdicts, and how the Left’s racist push for gun control continues to do harm to all people, but especially “melanated” people.


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