No, Seriously, What if Kyle Rittenhouse Had Been Black?

Mark Hertzberg /Pool Photo via AP

The left is having an exceedingly hard time with the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. From the moment the “not guilty” verdict was handed down, they have been caterwauling about how this proves white supremacy dominates the entire country.


One of the questions that arose during the trial, thanks to CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, was related to how this situation would have played out if Kyle Rittenhouse was black. Of course, the insinuation is that he would have been treated much more harshly. Hard leftists on Twitter also made this claim, arguing that a black Rittenhouse would not have been acquitted.

But, is this true?

After people began making this argument, others pointed to the case of a black man named Andrew Coffee IV who was found not guilty of allegations of murder and first-degree attempted murder, after it was established that he fired his weapon at SWAT team members in self-defense. Given the fact that this verdict was given in a case involving a man shooting at police officers, one can see the significance of this particular outcome.

There is also the case of rapper Da Baby, who was involved in a fatal shooting at a North Carolina Walmart in 2019. While he was arrested initially, the charges against him were dropped when it was established that he acted in self-defense.

But, it is still worth speculating as to how events would have proceeded had Rittenhouse been an African American in the same situation. It is not too hard to ascertain, given the predictability of the hard left and the state of America’s political discourse.


To put it simply, if Rittenhouse had been black, the reaction from the activist media and Democratic politicians would have been exactly the same. His race would have changed nothing. They would have cast him as a black white supremacist. CNN’s Don Lemon would be ranting about how even young black males can fall into white supremacy and commit dreadful acts against white progressives trying to attack them.

The New York Times would publish op-eds with headlines like “How Young Men of Color Can Be Seduced by White Supremacist Ideology.”

Black progressive tap dancers like MSNBC’s Joy Reid would probably label him a black face of white supremacist terror. Rashad Robinson, head of the NAACP, would issue a warning about the supposedly widespread problem of black men being radicalized by white supremacist content on Facebook.

The hard left would still be calling for him to be thrown under the jail. They would be telling all the same lies about Rittenhouse, even if he were black. In fact, they might act more aggressively against him because he would be a black male who killed white people who were pretending to care about the black community.

But let’s take this even further.

What would happen if Rittenhouse were a black person with Black Lives Matter who killed MAGA hat-wearing conservatives who attacked him? I think we know exactly what would happen, don’t we?


The hard left would put him up on a pedestal and sing his praises from the rooftops. They would build more statues of Kyle Rittenhouse than George Floyd. Millions of dollars would be sent for his legal funding to help him beat the case. CNN’s Don Lemon would gush about how “brave” he is.

In fact, this would happen even if Rittenhouse remained white and took the same actions. The black progressive elites would get all teary-eyed as they lavished acclaim on their new white savior.

This is how the progressive left operates, dear reader. This is who they are.

They do not care about truth. They do not care about the details of the case. The only thing they care about in this particular matter is how they can use it to further their divisive agenda. They would react the exact same way regardless of Rittenhouse’s skin color — because this is about politics, not principles.


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