NAACP Leader Makes a Disgusting Comparison in Response to Rittenhouse Verdict

Derrick Johnson discusses Rittenhouse verdict. Credit: MSNBC screenshot

There has been a veritable smorgasbord of asinine responses to the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial coming from the hard left. Indeed, once the verdict was announced, the left had a collective meltdown on social media, claiming that this was the result of white supremacy, racism, blah blah blah.


However, of all the braindead remarks that have been made about the trial, NAACP President Derrick Johnson went full-metal moron during an appearance on MSNBC with media activist Zerlina Maxwell. During the conversation, Johnson compared the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial with that of the people who murdered Emmett Till. He said:

“It was an injustice. This was worse than the Emmett Till trial. This was worse to so many trials where we know for a fact individuals committed murder and yet they were not brought to justice. It is unfortunate, but this is America.”

In response, Maxwell asked if Johnson believes that the verdict “emboldens other people to pick up guns and go to protests or communities of color to terrorize folks?”

Johnson responded by blaming former President Donald Trump, and brought up other instances of political or racist violence. He answered:

“Well, this is the legacy of the Trump administration. It is about the otherness and involved in so many people, whether it’s in Charlottesville or the synagogue in Pittsburgh or in this case where people feel like it is okay to display their white supremacist behavior in the public square.

Unfortunately for the families of the victims of this murder, here’s a 17-year-old who came across state lines with a firearm that he purchased illegally, driven by his mother, to a community that did not invite him, allegedly protecting property that was not his property, to support law enforcement officers who didn’t need support.


The NAACP president continued, arguing that Rittenhouse should not have been present at the riot in Kenosha on that night and criticized the judge in the case for dismissing the weapons charges. “And so there is no logical reason for him to be there,” he said. “The fact that this judge dismissed the armed charges, which should not have, shouldn’t have been dismissed.”

Johnson then speculated as to whether Rittenhouse committed any federal crimes and seemed to suggest that the Biden administration should step in. He said:

“The real question here is, was there a federal crime committed? Should the Biden administration be bringing federal charges in this case? Do we have a US attorney that’s been appointed in this jurisdiction, so that we can look at whether or not this young man should be charged? You and I both know had this person been African American or Latino, he would be behind bars tonight.”

Johnson’s wish-casting for the federal government to seek action against Rittenhouse is not just absurd on its face, it reveals that the NAACP president, along with many of his contemporaries, is not seeking justice: they are looking for revenge. But the notion that the Rittenhouse verdict is anything like what happened with Emmett Till is not only absurd, but it demeans what Till and his family went through.


Emmett Till was viciously beaten to death by white racists who believed he had catcalled a white woman. According to, “[H]is corpse was recovered but was so disfigured that [his great-uncle] could only identify it by an initialed ring.”

Till was not rioting when he was killed. He did not attack anyone. His murderers did not act in self-defense. It was a brazenly racist act of brutality that does not compare to the situation with Kyle Rittenhouse. The fact that Johnson is willing to go so hard for white men who were trying to torch a black neighborhood further reveals how little they truly care for the black community. To them, white progressive approval is far more valuable than actually being honest.


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